How to Say 'How Old Are You' in Korean

How to Say ‘How Old Are You?’ in Korean

In some cultures, asking somebody their age when you first meet them might seem a little bit strange. However, in Korea, this is one of the most important questions that you can ask. Learning how to say ‘How old are you?’ in Korean is extremely important, so make sure that you learn this vital phrase!

The reason that it is so important is that Koreans use different language when talking about people of a different age. Read this article to see how the way you refer to friends changes based on age. For example if you are female, and your friend is a (slightly) older male, you will refer to him as 오빠 (oppa).

Age also determines what level of politeness you should use when speaking, and it can also affect things like who pours the drinks, cuts the meat at a barbeque restaurant, or pays the bill in certain situations.

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