Homoerotic Music Video: 4L's Move

This new music video by Four Ladies (4L) is quite homoerotic. When looking at the lyrics, though, it appears that any lesbian action is mean for the male gaze (Don't be shy boy)... sigh. Tons of articles have already discussed this video, feminism, and slut-shaming, so I don't feel the need to discuss it any further. I do recommend reading the heated comments on Youtube though. Enjoy this homoerotic and awkward debut by 4L.

Homoerotic Music Video: N.O.M. A Guys

This video is ridiculously homoerotic. I especially like the bulge grab at 2:35.

With the electro beat and half-naked men, this would easily fly at a gay bar. The lyrics are about women, but who are they fooling? Here is N.O.M.'s new single A Guys.

Girl on Girl Action in the New Girl's Day MV: Female President

Hope my lez readers like this. Girl's Day decided to give us a bit of homoeroticism in their new music video 'Female President'. One of the first K-pop songs I ever heard was Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra back in 2009, which also had a lesbianic element. Glad to see Girl's Day keep up that tradition.

Man of the Week: Jonghyun

Oh Shinee, you play up your homoeroticism like it is your job. Well, I guess it is their job; SM loves when their boys gay it up. This week's man is Shinee's Jonghyun, who definitely knows how to excite his fan boys and girls.

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