Pusanweb's Visit to The Hitler Bar (circa 2000)

Originally posted on Pusanweb.com

Current Status Of The Hitler Mural

Gyeongju’s most infamous example of public art—second only to the tomb mounds, the temples, the pagodas, and the idols—is the Hitler Mural, which is currently being utilized to hawk used cellular phones to Southeast Asians.

OK Hitler Mart

Condom ads unprotected from Chinese patriotism

A German ad campaign which features a sperm that resembles Mao Tse Tung has Chinese netizens and some government officials in a tizzy. The ad series also features Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden in starring roles as the dreaded sperm.The irony is wonderful: Sperm increase the population, whereas the Hitler-Mao-Bin Laden trio sought, and are seeking, to diminish it --at least certain members of

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