Reflective practice for my fitness lifestyle.

Here's some reflective practice for my fitness lifestyle.

Firstly, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, your thoughts and experiences of the world are true to you and that's all that matters. If you think or feel a certain way because of something or other, than that's exactly how you feel. Why do you have to be punished for thinking or feeling a certain way. There is no thought police - people may try to pressure you to conform to their own views because they want to feel or be powerful, but seriously screw that, it doesn't matter.

Secondly, I want to just go through and talk about How I've been progressing like this.

So reflective practice is just about doing whatever, and then thinking how to get to some certain goal or preferred state faster or more efficient or to reduce initial problems that arose during the early stages.

So, the point is this:

There's two main stages:

What to do with your body data? i.e. counting and graphing the steps goals easily and steadily!

Don't worry about this being about women and babies;
but this is from a TED talk here:

Talithia Williams: Own your body's data


write this now.


Check here:

No S Diet General Discussion
No Snacks, no sweets, no seconds. Except one scheduled cheat meal a week. Too simple for you? Simple is why it works. 


-> No Snacks:
- Have 3 full-square meals in one day (Breakfast (600cals) / Lunch (600cals) / Dinner (600Cals) = 1800)
- No food in between the three meals; except protein powder twice (morning and dinner) & 1 cafe latte/rest americano for the day.

Walking Posts (up to 2015 FEB22)

10,000steps -> 11,000 steps

NOVEMBER: 8 / 21 days (38%)
DECEMBER: 19 / 31 days (61%)
JANUARY: 21 / 31 (68%)
FEBRUARY: 9 / 21 days (43%)

New goals:
87% and above average next 3 months.

Outcome-based Health/Fitness


-FITNESS OUTCOMES should be the same for all people
- operationalised as EXIT BEHAVIORS (->targets)

- progress towards them measured against BENCHMARKS (->attainment levels)

FITNESS OUTCOMES: (traditional indicators of fitness used for everyone)
DEC & FEB figures:

- BMI?                
- Cms around waist           96 - 97
-cms around right wrist      17 - 17
- resting heartbeat            
- Body Fat %                    24 - 24  

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