Son of a Beach it’s Hot!!!

When choosing our second city of residence in South Korea, geography an climate played an exceptionally large role. Having come off a stay at our coldest location in Denver which at times seemed to be stuck in perpetual winter status, we opted for a happy medium between the mile high city and our Florida roots that landed us in Busan.

Getting the Shot 11: Jangsan Panorama


I had the opportunity to hike Jangsan Mountain in Busan with members of the (Busan) Hobby Photographers group. I have always enjoyed getting out with new people because no matter if you have all the same gear or not, there will be different shots take. I love seeing the shots after and thinking about what made them take that shot. Of course there will always be the same shots, especially where we were because of the view dominating the sky line.

2012 arrives….

I didn’t really blog anything in December. Nothing massively special happened so here is a brief summary:

It got cold.

Changwon Wednesday were victorious against Gwangsun in the KFFL cup. We drew the first leg 0-0 in Yeosu. Yeosu has an ancient Korean battle ship (turtle ship) that General Shin defeated the Japanese in. I saw it. I stood on it, then we played football.

We won the second leg 2-1 at home.  Fantastic performance. We also helped to raise some cash for an orphanage in the process and ate some delicious Xmas style food afterwards. Good karma.

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