Hapjeong / 합정

Cornerside Chilli Cha Cha ♥ 길모퉁이 칠리차차

Today’s feature is a hit 맛집 (Taste House) in Seoul with all the young people~  a small hole in the wall around Hapjeong 합정 that specializes in fun flavors of croquettes and American-style chilli, 길모퉁이 칠리차차 aka Cornerside Chilli Cha Cha!

♥ ♥ ♥

If you love croquettes or just munching on fried Korean street food with beer, this is definitely a place you need to visit!

Cafe Lazy Cat ♥ 게으른고양이

Pretty Graffiti of Hapjeong

The Hapjeong is an awesome artsy quiet area area just one stop before busy Hongdae. This area has a unique feeling and some amazing small shops for people with more colorful tastes in fashion plus a slew of cozy cafes! Adding to the setting of Hapjeong is streets and corners painted with amazing graffiti which is actually starting to outshine the work found at Hongdae.

♥ ♥ ♥

Kitchy Cupcakes at Minon Cafe


Looking for an adorable kitschy cute cafe in Seoul to sip on some tea and enjoy a cupcake? How about Cafe Minion in Hapjeong 합정 (outer Hongdae 홍대)

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