Destination: Seoul Zombie Walk / Halloween in Hongdae (2010)

Hongdae may well be the perfect place for Halloween in Korea. The scene is already set - clubs and bars are open until 6am, and the locals come dressed and prepared to stay out late.

While South Korea has no history whatsoever related to or even...

balloons for the party frog

small kiss between species!

hug an adjumma night

While South Korea has no history whatsoever related to or even associated with Halloween, I was pleasantly surprised by the celebration at work for the kids and in the streets at night. Foreigners swarmed KSU with great costumes, and vigor to match. I was a party animal, with a large group of friends. I am exhausted from the weekend festivities. What a great holiday!

Halloween Party and 5,000 Views.

Hello readers!

Today was the fantastical Halloween Party at my school.

Actually, I found that it was EVEN MORE stressful than our open house yesterday. I finally had time to start making some games for the kids for the party. Each teacher was in charge of some game or other. I was assigned two different games, to appeal to two different age groups (kindergarten and elementary). I was given a BUNCH of freedom for this project.

I had to make some kind of "Face Making" game, where the kids could somehow make ghost faces. Then for the older kids, I needed a speed card game (some flash-cards or something like that).

Life in Korea: Halloween

Author's note: A early version of this article appears in the October 2010 issue of the Groove Magazine. This version should be considered more complete and up-to-date due to the early print deadline.

Halloween Party at LZONE on Oct 29!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 20:00

----- Halloween Party at LZONE on Oct 29!!!!!!!! -----

We're expecting to have about 150 people coming for this Halloween party!!!

# at 8pm-12am Saturday,Oct 29
- Entry Ticket : 10,000 won
- 1 Free Drink + Free draft beer till it runs out-Dress Code:Crazy-

* Shop1 -Borrow costumes-
http://www.cospreshop.net/ 051-627-2515, 011-9554-5257

* Shop2 -Buy Items, Costumes for halloween-
http://www.partyday.net/ 051-806-7074

- Contacts : Andy : 010-9528-2212

* Address : LZONE Cafe 4F #58-35 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea

* Location : LZONE(4th Floor, Across from Thursday Party near Kyungsung.Pukyung University Station.)

Went to Home Plus to find a costume to wear for Halloween Day at...

Went to Home Plus to find a costume to wear for Halloween Day at school. It cost me 2,000₩ for the hat and 3,000₩ for the broom. I just need a black outfit and some green face paint. Hope the kiddies “get” it and all my effort isn’t wasted on them. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it makes me sad to hear how little the kids know about and celebrate Halloween. I will try to enlighten them and tell you what happens! ^^

for those looking for a Halloween store in Busan

Found one in Nampodong! It's right off of Art Street near the end of the road.

It had decorations and a small amount of costumes for adults and kids. Oh, I got so giddy when I went inside. Last year I worked in a Halloween store and that was the best job I've ever had. I've finished my costume but I picked up some things to decorate my apartment with.


Get in the holiday spirit!

Which one? Take your pick - there's a Halloween hafla (an Arabic word for "a social party with music, dance, and food") coming up in a couple short weeks:

Check out the Facebook group for a map and more information. Cost for the event is FREE (pay for your own food and drink). Bring your hip scarf if you want to dance, and plan to eat, drink, and be merry.

Question from a reader: international schools and holidays

A reader writes in with questions about international schools and holidays here in Korea. She writes:

hi chris,
i ran across your web-site while doing research regarding living in korea. my husband, three children and i are moving there next month. halloween is a big deal to them. i was looking into what koreans did during halloween and ran across your site. i'm glad to see the school you teach at was having fun with the american traditions of the holiday. my kids are 7, 5 and 3, so of course.

i'm wondering which school you teach at? we are of course going to be placing our children in an international school in/around the seoul area and i'm so nervous about making that decision. from pictures, it seems like you work with small children.

also any other websites you can point out geared towards americans moving to korea would be appreciated.

To my wonderful reader and mother of three,

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