Gmarket Finds!

As I mentioned before, I LOVE Gmarket! I was never at all an internet shopper before I came to Korea, but wow- now I definitely am! I would even say that Gmarket is one of my favourite things about Korea, haha!

This page will list products I’ve found on Gmarket that I use, or I think are a good price.

Mail That Makes You Dance

I love mail! Postcards, letters, ransom notes, and the ever magical care package- anything sent to me from another country, or even my own, is awesome.  Any non-bill to show up at my door is cherished, (my apartment door covered with delivery magnets can attest to that fact) but for me in Korea, mail in any form is down right magical!

Korea's #1 English Online Shopping Store


We're Fatbag Korea (, Korea's #1 English Online Shopping Store.

We're a network of local Korean wholesale and retail stores, servicing foreigner and Expat communities. We carry thousands of items ranging from Costco, Mexican Food, Cheese, IKEA, Foreign Groceries, American Home-baked desserts, Fresh Meat, and the list goes on!

Come check us out!

If you don't find what you're looking for on our website, just ask us, and we'll get them for you!

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