two weeks with the leica m6; kodak tri-x @ 1600…Dec. 2-15

I finally did it. Spent entirely too much money on a 25 year old German rangefinder camera. I read this article a few years ago and have toyed with the idea since. One camera, one lens, one film, one year. Archiving, printing, etc. I am excited about the year to come, who knows where I will be by the end of it.

I also want to make a point of shooting more, not strictly street. The frames below should progress from street to unpeopled cityscape to friends, nightlife, etc.

I got a chance to look through the new Magnum book of contact sheets, and had the idea to post the all the raw bits here. I know there are a lot of frames, but sometimes it’s nice to see the hits and misses.

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