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Breakthrough: Asiana Flight Attendants Will Be Allowed to Wear Pants

You've come (kind of) a long way, baby! (source)

You’ve come (kind of) a long way, baby. Rejoice! (source)

When perusing the daily news, there are some stories that make you want to jump up out of your chair and applaud humanity for it’s remarkable advances from the primordial goo.

Feature: Sexy Ads Featuring KPop Stars Pulled Following Government Pressure [VIDEO]

The Korean government wants Korean alcohol companies to tone down the use of young celebrities in ‘sexually suggestive’ ads reportedly aimed at young Koreans on the net. 

SEOUL, South Korea – Banned by government regulators from advertising hard liquor on television, Korean alcohol companies turned to the Internet to push the hard stuff. Now the government is demanding they remove what many view as highly sexualized ad campaigns using young stars to attract young drinkers.

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