Until They Bleed

By Eli Toast

When I left Ralph at the bus station his mien was one of resigned disappointment with the way things had panned out. He was going back to a different part of Asia and I was boarding a train heading south the same evening. I took a rickshaw to the train station and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the driver about our families and life trajectories. At the train station I sat and waited like everyone else, all of us looking nauseously green beneath the platform’s droning sodium bulbs.


My first stalker: I have arrived!

My first stalker: I have arrived!

If only anti-gay activist's parents had been gay

This is a few days old and I wanted to get to it at the end of last week, but the Somali Pirate story was too compelling not to write about. Had there been a gay pirate involved in the kidnapping I might have been able to tie it in, but rarely does such journalist luck occur.Perhaps you have already seen the controversial anti-gay marriage TV ad called, "A Gathering Storm," from a Christian group

Another broken promise: Obama's sin tax on the poor

As I said repeatedly during the campaign --even after endorsing him over McCain-- Barack Obama's message of "Hope" would eventually become the message of "Nope."Now, after promising no new taxes for people making under $20,000, we have the first day of a $1.01 new tax on cigarettes which adversely affects poor people in that very same income bracket he held up as sacred.Don't get me wrong, I love

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