Gay Friends in Seoul

Another Queer Weekend

It is already Thursday! What are you going to get up to this weekend? There are two special things I want to point out...

Saturday night, there is a screening of Girl Princes. If you are free on Saturday, definitely see the documentary.

Another Queer Weekend

The bimonthly Backroom Underwear Party at Uniq is happening this month.

If you are looking for something more intellectually stimulating, how about a lecture on homophobia? Sponsored by Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea, for more information, visit their website (if you can't navigate their website, you probably won't understand their lecture :-P).

Events Over the Weekend

Need some gayness this weekend? There are a couple of special events going on if bar hopping on the hill isn't your thing.

GFIS Meetup: Platoon Flea Market

Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th, Gay Friends in Seoul will have another meetup. They will be going to Platoon's Night Market. Travel Pants Korea is unveiling a fashion section on their site, so that means cocktails and fashion and gayness.

GFIS: Gay House Party

Gay Friends in Seoul has an event tomorrow, Friday the 21st, and I have been told I can post about it on TKQ. The party is in Haebangchon (near Itaewon) and starts at 10:30. After some drinks, snacks, and socializing, the gays will move on to a bar/club at the hill. If you want to join, send me a message at and I will give you directions to the party. Hope to see you there!

Gay Friends in Seoul Meetup: Movie Night & Potluck

Gay Friends in Seoul was really fun today... dancing to Kesha and playing Wii at a Wii Bang. Next Sunday should also be fun, with a movie night co-hosted by the Open Doors Community Church.

Gay Friends in Seoul Meetup: Multi-Bang

This Sunday, August 26th, some members of Gay Friends in Seoul will be meeting up to play at a multi-bang in Jongkak. A multi-bang is a room where you can play Wii, sing karaoke, watch tv, etc. After some gaming, we will go out for dinner near Jongkak station.

Gay Friends in Seoul Meetup 4: Hiking Bukhansan

Gay Friends in Seoul is having their next meetup on Sunday, August 19th to go hiking on Bukhan mountain in northern Seoul. Hopefully we will run into some cute hikers.

Gay Friends in Seoul Meetup #3: Dalk Gabli in Hyehwa

From the gay short film Just Friends
The third event for Gay Friends in Seoul is this Thursday at 7 pm.

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