Gangnam Style

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The “Gwiyomi” Craze


While “Gangnam Style” is constantly getting more views, which has now reached over 1.486 billion, and

Understanding Psy (싸이 이해하기) / Psy-Ology

Gangnam Style is about the silliness of South Korea’s nouveau riche; Gentleman is (more or less) about the silliness of assholes.

This is the best of KPOP: incredibly simple, incredibly fast, incredibly repetitive, incredibly catchy. All South Korea will be playing this song from every storefront and every television and every smartphone around the clock for the next six months, long after the rest of the world has lost interest; nonetheless, Psy is no one-hit wonder.

Seven KPop Alternatives to “Gangnam Style”

Don’t get us wrong–we love Psy.  Love him.  Ric and I are probably responsible for at least 300,000 of those millions of YouTube video hits, and we NEVER get tired of the ubiquitous “horse dance”.  However, all good things come to an end, and sometimes you need a break from even the most epic of music videos. So, for your listening pleasure, we offer seven KPop alternatives to “Gangnam Style”–songs that, despite their lack of horse dance, are pretty catchy and definitely worth a listen.  Or twenty.

1)  Lee Hi “″:  You won’t believe that such a big voice is coming from such a little body.  Her outrageous eyes even remind me a little of Christina Aguilera.

My 2012: While you were busy Googling ‘What is a Gangnam?’…

The School Festival

Yesterday marked my school’s bi-annual festival, which meant a day off from classes for me. Avid readers of this blog will know that I had been slated to perform the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance routine alongside students and some other female teachers but, as is traditional in Korea, last minute decisions were made by the powers that be and I was informed the day before that I would no longer be taking part. I was confused and (obviously) a tad relieved to have been excused from doing the “heeeeey, sexy lady” dance in front of 900 teenage boys, but also oddly put out, as if I had been deemed not good enough to perform…and believe you me, if the slightly mental cleaning lady was good enough then so was I. My worries were unfounded however, as I discovered later in the day…but more on that shortly.

Exclusive: PSY`s Anti-America Protesting Past?

Note: This is the original story that broke the whole PSY anti-American scandal wide-open. Was wild to watch it start from my little musings over on Haps to eventually being  cited by everyone from the New York Times to Time Magazine to ABC news.

“Gangnam Style” has made PSY a global household name with millions of adoring fans. According to recent English translations of his performances in 2002 and 2004, PSY participated in several high profile anti-American military protests on the peninsula that might anger some, while winning over others.

Gangnam Style... Talent Show Style!

Ever wondered what "Gangnam Style" looks like when 2nd - 5th grade Korean elementary school kids perform it at a talent show?!  If so, then today's your luck day! Introducing the Dance Kidz Club after school class performing it at last Friday's talent show!

PS. "Gangnam" is actually NOT pronounced gang-nam.  It's pronounced gong-nam.
I can't help it!  Sometimes the teacher side of me comes out, even in my blogging!  Happy Monday from Korea!   

My Date with PSY: soju chugging, shirtless dancing + some singing

photo credit

I almost missed my date with PSY, but I have a long subway ride and my love of Twitter to thank for getting me up front and personal with the man who brought Gangnam Style (722,762,395 views as of 11/15) to the world.

Gangnam Style

Ijust broke down and watched Gangnam Style for the first time. Great song. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve spent a number of years in Korea. I know the culture very well. There is A LOT going on in that video. I think most Westerners who watch it just think he’s a funny Asian guy doing a funny dance. There’s a lot more to it than that. Psy is actually from serious money. The people he is portraying in the video are the people he would associate with in Gangnam, probably the wealthiest area in Korea. It isn’t just a funny dance. He’s flipping the bird to what he says as inane, nouveau riche behaviour of some of the people in his own yacht club ‘set’ in Korea and less wealthy Koreans who attempt to emulate them. The video is a strong criticism portrayed in a comical way, with a great tune in the background.

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