Guest Post: Davy’s Day Cometh


Everybody needs a hero, whatever walk of life they’re in. Sporting ones seem to hold an especial one in people’s lives. I’ve been very fortunate to have befriended many of my heroes over the years. People like Noel Meade, Trevor Brennan, Colm O’Rourke and Graham Geraghty. Heroes are particularly important in a sporting context – they inspire the next generation.

English Premier League on TV

Does anyone out there know what TV channels are showing the English Premier League this season?

I know last year SBS ESPN showed games (with Korean commentary) and Star Sports showed a Saturday night game (with English commentary). I'm not sure about this, but it appears Star Sports, on the Olleh Skylife package, isn't showing them this year.

Any information would be appreciated.


Gaelic Football – Laochra Busan GAA Clu


BY Niall O Grady

What is Gaelic Football? (video) 

Gaelic Football is an Irish sport very similar to Australian Rules. It is is played on a rectangular pitch like a soccer pitch with H shaped goalposts much like the goals on a rugby pitch. A goal keeper protects the goal like in soccer.

The football can be kicked or “hand-passed” (a hand-pass is a striking motion with a closed fist). The football can also be carried but only for 4 steps. After every four steps the ball must be ‘played’. This means the ball must be either bounced or “solo-ed”.
Solo-ing can also be referred to as tapping the ball and is action of dropping the ball onto the foot and kicking it back into the hand. To carry the football over a distance a player must ‘play’ the ball every four sets. Players have as many consecutive solo’s as the like but may not bounce the ball twice in a row.

Soccer Leagues

Dear soccer fans,

I'd like to give you a good information.

Currently, weekdays soccer leagues are being set up.

Check this web site

We need your help.

Sports Day

Sometimes something happens to you and you just can’t bring yourself to write about it straight away. Survivors of earthquakes, tsunamis plus a host of other natural and non-natural disasters often put off speaking of the event until long afterwards, preferring instead to put it to the back of their minds whilst they can lest it become as clear in the daylight hours as it is during sleep.

My Repeated Failure at Watching Sport on the Telly in Korea

Yesterday marked the end of the month of Irish sport on television, that is television streamed through the internet and watched on my computer. It has taken me five years of living in Korea to master the art of searching through Google for the relevant link to watch a match, which is impressive. It was an ordeal I would recommend to anyone as the rewards are worthwhile, although they could have been much better.

For starters this is not the first time I’ve tried to find sport via the ould interweb. I know that when herself when was in Ireland, she never had any problems watching the things she wanted to. There are a few Korean websites that post television shows up after they are shown for the first time. I imagine you can do the same with certain Irish programmes too, but with live sport it’s completely different.

Seung Hoon Choi Starts for Ninth-Ranked Nebraska as Lineman

Busan Transportation Corporation vs FC Seoul

Busan Transportation Corporation vs FC Seoul

This was taken during the FA Cup game between national league Busan Transport and the K-Leagues FC Seoul.

Sports Photography in Korea


I recently watched a series called ‘Wonders of the Universe’. As a child I disliked physics and chemistry and made an unprecedented and successful attempt to avoid studying them at G.C.S.E. level. Although I enjoyed the practical aspects and admired the concept of both subjects I could never understand the details. Which neutron was positive or negative etc… baffled me. I just liked the fact that something happened because you burnt it or stuck an electric cable in it. Why it happened was not my concern; even less was my desire to listen to someone try to explain it to me. I was the only student at my school who studied one science (biology) and two art subjects.

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