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Bubble Tea in South Korea

It’s getting warmer in South Korea. It seems as if we will have an early summer.

Little known fact, but I make super delicious kimchi jjigae...

Little known fact, but I make super delicious kimchi jjigae (김치찌개). I make it whenever I have some older kimchi sitting in the fridge (i.e. more fermented or “ripe” kimchi). The stew only tastes as good as the kimchi. I like to make mine with pork, cooked and served boiling hot in a stone pot.

Pictured is 참치 김치찌개 (chamchi kimchi jjigae, tuna). I felt a little funny about ordering something so… let’s say “poignant in aroma” for a date, but… he’s cool.

April 2013 in 2 Minutes


I enjoy the Korean chain restaurant, Isaac Toast, as a guilty...

I enjoy the Korean chain restaurant, Isaac Toast, as a guilty pleasure. They are relatively simple (and greasy) breakfast sandwiches, but they can really addictive as a late-night treat. The restaurant down the street from where I live is open until 10 p.m., so sometimes I’ll have one even after I’ve eaten dinner.

With the egg, it’s meant to be a breakfast sandwich, but I only like them after a few beers. It’s a unique sort of sandwich, this Korean sandwich, or “toast” as they call it. If you don’t tell the cook how to modify your sandwich, you’ll end up with egg, shredded cabbage, sliced pickles, and some sort of processed meat slapped between two garlic buttered pieces of toast.

Chica Vs. Food : Fermented Skate 홍어


The fish

Skates are cartilaginous fish belonging to the family Rajidae in the superorder Batoidea of rays. Stingrays and skates differ primarily in the way they reproduce. Skates are oviparous, that is they lay eggs. Their fertilized eggs are laid in a protective hard case called a mermaid’s purse.

Shinsegae Department Store, Busan - The Food Court

Is It Still Shabu Shabu Without the Noodle and Rice Courses?

I’m not sure. Since it’s only the second time I’ve had Shabu Shabu, and the other time there were noodle and rice courses, my experiences have fallen 50/50 down the middle on having them and not.

Still, whether or not Maru ShabuShabu in Nampo (on the second floor of the same building as Ashley’s, or, Old Country Buffet with Unlimited Wine) is authentic or not, it’s definitely good and plentiful. Hey, if you’re in the same building as a well-recognized buffet, you’ll need to step up your game.


Back home, I’m a domestic goddess, baking and creating in...

Back home, I’m a domestic goddess, baking and creating in the kitchen. Here, I eat cereal out of coffee cups because I’m too lazy to wash bowls.

Dinner at Lotte Hotel World’s La Seine Buffet



Dear Korea #084 - Addicted to the Melty Stuff

Dear Korea #084

Ack, this comic’s a week late. How embarrassing  If it’s any consolation, I bring you this comic combined with news that Dear Korea will be going back to its old weekly schedule! Yay for regularity! Here’s hoping I don’t run out of ideas too soon.

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