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Why the interest grew


I’ve never been really interested about my Korean background, so it’s still funny that I now am dedicating part of my life to create a network of kyopos all around the world.

When I went to Korea, I always found that native Koreans were fascinated and interested in my because my American accent was, well, American.  I never understood this awe they felt for me until I met a British-Korean for the first time.  It was jaw dropping.


My little brain couldn’t even comprehend what was going on, but something started inside of me and I wanted more of it.

Just a year old, Cantina (캔티나) is easily becoming a regular...

Just a year old, Cantina (캔티나) is easily becoming a regular restaurant and hangout for those that live in Cheonan, foreigners and Koreans alike. It’s the only Mexican restaurant and bar in town, located in Buldang-dong (불당동). 

My favorite place to eat pizza in Cheonan was Sinore (시뇨레) Pizza...

My favorite place to eat pizza in Cheonan was Sinore (시뇨레) Pizza in Ssangyong-dong (쌍용동). It was real oven-baked Italian style pizza, either thin crust or deep dish, with no random Korean toppings (e.g. corn, sweet potato, or shrimp).

Directions: Walk down the alley across the street from Lotte Mart, between the Holic and the bank. Take a right at YuNa Hair Leader, walk past Mammoth and Angel-N-Us. It will be on your left.

First 48 hours in Korea

One of my favorite restaurants in Cheonan, South Korea is a hot...

One of my favorite restaurants in Cheonan, South Korea is a hot tofu soup restaurant called LA 북창동순두부. I think it’s a chain that you can find in other cities, so if you see it elsewhere, you should check it out. The restaurant has the traditional Korean soup in different variations such as dumplings, curry, etc. for up to 8,000₩.

You can find this restaurant in downtown Cheonan, in the Yawoori area. There is a map on the Foursquare page.

Buddha’s Birthday at 반야사


The nearest Buddhist temple to our place is just across the road. In fact I pass it every time I go to work. It’s small and hidden up a small hill behind ample tree cover. In fact you’d miss it completely if it were for the multicoloured lanterns which line the street from early April, lanterns which are of course in anticipation of today, Buddha’s Birthday.

Seoul’s Filipino Market


Happy Market Monday, where the first Monday of each month we highlight a different market in Seoul!


One of my favorite trips I’ve taken in Asia would have to be the Philippines. Whenever I am struck with memories of the trip I can’t refrain from grinning ear to ear. The friendly people, out of this world beaches and amazing food are just some of the things I love about the place!


One of my favorite places to eat in Cheonan is the ramen...

One of my favorite places to eat in Cheonan is the ramen restaurant, 멘야마쯔리. The service is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and it’s a fun place to go to with friends. They have two ramen choices, regular for 5,500₩ and spicy curry for 7,000₩. They have non-ramen choices, such as gyoza and fried rice, as well.

While in Daejeon, I found the best restaurant to eat 칼국수...

Cheongnyangni Market

 Introducing Market Monday where on the first Monday of each month Seoulmates will be highlighting a different market located in Seoul!  First up is…

 Cheongnyangni Market

(청량리시장/ Cheongnyangni Shijang)

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