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Miyeok Guk | Birthday Soup

It’s Danny’s birthday! What should I cook? I only had one thing in mind: miyeok guk.

미역국 (miyeok guk) is also known as the birthday soup in Korea. It’s made of seaweed and sometimes mixed with chunks of beef or mussels. This soup is nutritiously packed with iodine and calcium. Pregnant mothers usually consume this healthy soup after giving birth to increase breastmilk production. That’s also the reason why birthday celebrants are given this soup as a reminder of their first food from their mothers. But of course, one can have this delicious, hot bowl of miyeok guk anytime, anywhere.

Ingredients: (4 persons)

Restaurants in my tiny town

Here is a list of my favourite places to eat in my local area. Although Changnyeong is small they are not short of eateries. I enjoy eating and it’s great when I find new places to try!

Restaurants in Gyeseong on Gyeong-Ri (street)


Restaurants in Masan

  • We found a couple new restaurants in Masan. Little California  is a cute place. It sells a delicious selections of California -rolls, sushi, Pork Cutlet and more!

Little California

Bread in the shape of poo? Yes Please!

Dong Bang

Today we ate poo! It was available in seven flavours, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, vanilla-corn, caramel peanut, cheese and red-bean. We chose chocolate, vanilla and caramel poo and it was delicious.

The shop that we went to was in Masan, Kyeong-nam. There are fifteen locations around Korea, predominantly in Busan and Seoul.  (

We look forward to eating some more delicious poo soon!

Fast Food Fix

Where we live there are not too many well known fast food outlets. When we need a fix and don’t fancy heading into a city, we hit up these establishments…

  • Chicago Pizza is located in down town Changnyeong. It sells delicious pizzas although the hawaiian pizza did come with cherries instead of pineapple!

Chicago PizzaCherry Pizza

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