Doing some desk-warming at the moment. So I’m looking through my...

Doing some desk-warming at the moment. So I’m looking through my Pap’s old photographs from the Korean war. My Pap was always into photography and gadgets so of course he photographed some of his time there. Check them out.

Follow Us Around: 부산대 (Busan University)

As most of you may know, we don’t actually live in Busan. We live in Yangsan, a city of about 300,000 just north of Busan that is connected to the city by subway. If we are hanging out in Busan, you’ll most likely find us in the Busan University area. When we lived in Seoul, we lived very close to 홍대, the very popular area surrounding Hongik University. Evan and I tend to gravitate to these university areas no matter where we are! The food is cheap and delicious, and there’s a young, fun energy surrounding the whole neighborhood. There are always fun events, random concerts, unique cafes, and interesting people.

PNU Free Market

Somebody Like Me, Please!

I recently set up a page on Facebook for If I Had A Minute To Spare. If you’re inclined that way, why not follow this link right over to Facebook and click on the Like button (or you can just click ‘Like’ in the new fancy box in the sidebar). I suppose then you’ll be instantly connected to blog posts, some photographs, and perhaps a wee bit of link sharing and other bits and pieces.

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