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Unique Situation Romantic Films from Korea


These are my top unique situation romantic films from Korea. They deal with time travel, an alternative universe, and getting married to a high school student because grandpa says so.

시월애 (Si.wol.ae) literally “Time Transcending Love”
English title – Il Mare

시월애 (Si.wol.ae)

History of Korea through Korean Dolls

Cheonmin Couple

This is an attempt to not only simplify Korean History but also make it interesting using Korean Dolls as props. The idea is to educate the kids about the history of Korea, who might otherwise find this subject boring. We have also made an attempt to highlight the social class structure that existed in Korea during the Chosun Dynasty. Understanding the Social Class structure should give an understanding about the people of Korea and why Korean Society focuses a lot on higher education.

The Ancient age

Kojoseon – 10th century B.C to 108 B.C
Puyo – around the 5th century B.C to 494
Chinguk – from before the 6th century B.C. to 9 A.D.

Interview with Ms Ying of KoreanThings.com

Can Vegetarians / Vegans survive in Korea?

Korean Vegetables

Before I answer your question – whether vegetarians can survive in Korea? let me first tell you the difference between Vegetarians and Vegans.

In this context I will be talking about Indian vegetarians. They do not eat meat, fish or any kind of seafood, egg, chicken and poultry but they do consume dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc. Some of them avoid onion and garlic from their meals. Others avoid root vegetables like potatoes. Indians follow vegetarian diet for religious reasons.

Vegans abstain from eating or using all animal products, including milk, cheese and eggs.

Romantic Music Video – Words That Are Hard 2 Say

Lee Seung Gi - Nam Sang Mi


Words That are Hard to Say (하기 힘든 말) – is touted as the Most Romantic Music Video in Korea if you have to go by the number of likes it has received on YouTube. It has around 6 million likes on YouTube from K-POP fans across the world.

South Korean singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi (이승기)  features in this music video along with South Korean actress, Nam Sang-Mi (남상미). This song is originally from his hit album – Crazy For You – released in Jan. 2006.

Topics In Korean History


Korean History

People often ask me, “Why are you interested in Korean history? Isn’t it just so sad?”

Well, they are partially right. Much of Korean history -ancient and modern- is a tragic story of suffering and wasted lives, but throughout it rings a beautiful story of a people who have managed to maintain a unique culture in the face of enormous difficulties.

The Rose of Sharon - The Flower of Eternity. South Korea's National Flower.

The Rose of Sharon/The Flower of Eternity. South Korea's National Flower.

Watch Code-name Azumma online – an infectiously cute movie

Codename Azumma - by H Culture Studio, South Korea

On any give day, our Azumma can be found at Big Mart competing against her like-minded peers for the ultimate prize: cheap but high quality goods. She outwits and used incredible strength to acquiring the perfect shirt for her son.

At home, she eagerly awaits for his arrival. A carefully prepared full-course dinner sits on the dining table. The prized shirt beckons to be tried on by its new owner. Finally, he walks in through the door. But, he walks directly into his private sanctuary, his bedroom.

There was no, “Wow, dinner smells great!” nor was there any “Thanks for the cool shirt, mom!”

Promote K-POP World Festival 2011 and Win Prizes

Promotional Event for the K-Pop Festival - K-POP World Festival 2011.

The 17th winning teams of the worldwide K-POP contest are invited to Korea for the final stage.
Promotional Event for the K-Pop Festival – K-POP World Festival 2011.

About this Promotion

Event 1: Be an international K-Pop fan
Join the event and become a international K-Pop fan – join the K-pop fan club and invite your friends to the K-Pop Festival. Login with your Facebook ID and select friends from your friend list. The more friends you invite, the higher your chances of winning.

How to Play

Vote for the Most Attractive Place in Seoul

Vote for the Most Attractive Place in Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a survey in order to find out about foreigners’ thinking on Seoul’s genuine attractiveness. Places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon, Samcheon-dong, Insadong, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheongyecheon, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, N Seoul Tower, Hongdae, Itaewon, Hangang River and many others are all competing for your attention. You can not only vote your best place but can also win prizes.

Global Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity Strategies for Expats in S Korea


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