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Seoul Best 71 – Android App to Plan and Visit the Best Places in Seoul.

Seoul Best 71 is an Android App for anyone who wants to explore Seoul. This App helps you plan your visit in Seoul. If you are visiting Seoul for the first time then let this app be your guide for the best places to visit in Seoul.
Even if you have been staying in Seoul for quite some time, you can use this app to track the places you have visited and check if you have missed out on anything.

For someone who is coming to Seoul for a short period of time can check Seoul Top 20 places that you can explore in a week. And for someone who wants to explore Seoul in and out can check all the 71 Best Places in Seoul. This app can help you plan the places you would like to visit and the places that you have already visited.

App Guide to Korean Culture – My First App on Google Play

The past few days I have been spent my time developing this app on Korean culture and learning Android at the same time. Developing this app has been a challenging and a fruitful experience for me. Finally I have managed to upload it on Google Play. I request you to download this app on your android device and experience it, rate it and review it on Google Play. Since this is my first attempt at developing the app I am sure I might have left a lot to be desired. So I request you to let me know your suggestions on improvement and enhancement of the app in the comment section below.

App Guide to Korean Culture – The Curtain Raiser.

App Guide to Korean Culture

Beautiful Hanbok Collection 2013 – Types of Hanbok

Today, hanbok is worn mostly on special occasions, and is divided into categories based on its function. These include, but are not limited to, weddings, 61st birthdays, first birthdays and holidays. The various kinds of hanbok are classified according to the social status, class, gender, and age of those who wear them.

The Most Beautiful Hanbok Collection Korea

Advertising Genius from Korea – Jeseok Yi (Jeski)

If you have seen the first episode of  the Korean Drama, Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek, you would recognize the ad below of the standing car. The ad was originally created by the real life Advertising Genius from Korea, Jeseok Yi, for Hyundai Motors and it is said that this drama, Advertising Genius – Lee Tae Baek  is loosely based on his life.

Top Korean Dramas for the year 2012


Originally published on The Korea Guide

Top 10 Korean Movies for the year 2012


Originally published in  The Korea Guide

This year too Google has published the zietgeist for 2012 highlighting the top 10 most searched Korean Movies in South Korea. Concubine tops the list as expected. A sultry erotic drama well-crafted in a Joseon Dynasty palace in which a royal consort is thrown into a merciless game of thrones, but it’s more than a sexed-up Korean Movie, as it skillfully interweaves compelling lust-hate relationships, character twists and familiar court intrigue.

Top 10 K-POP Songs from Korea for the year 2012

This year too Google has published the zietgeist for 2012 highlighting the top 10 most searched Korean Pop Songs in South Korea. GANGNAM STYLE tops the list as expected. And songs like Trouble Maker has made it to the list just because of the controversy involved.

IU You and I - KPOP Top Songs 2012

27 Popular Romantic Korean Dramas you must watch

If you want to learn Korean, or you are a big Korean Drama fanatic, or you love watching romantic dramas, or it is snowing outside and you are locked in your room with nothing better to do, or you have a Korean boy friend / girl friend, or you want to watch something different yet romantic or you are in love with Korean Culture, or you have heard of hallyu but dont know what it is, or you are just a die-hard fan of lee min ho, or you are just plain getting bored, or you are feeling lonely, or you just had a break up with your boyfriend / girlfriend, or whatever your reason might be, but if you have even the slightest of interest in Korean Culture or Korean Entertainment then here are the top 27 dramas you must watch.

If you are very new to Korean culture and if you find this list overwhelming then we recommend that you watch atleast the top 5 dramas that we have shortlisted and let us know what you think.. And even if that is too much for you then we recommend that you watch at the least ? Coffee Prince ? and we guarantee that you will come back looking for more..korean drama personal-taste - lee min ho

Top 5 must watch Korean Dramas

Exhibition on Photography by the Visually Impaired – Samsung Insight

Very few campaigns manage to touch your heart and soul forever. Samsung Insight is once such campaign. Keep your box of tissues handy while viewing this one here. Don’t tell me that I dint want you on this one.

The Challenge
Samsung Electronics was number one in the compact digital camera market. People already knew that they made great cameras. The company wanted people to see that it was a thoughtful brand with a deep philosophy, too. What was the best way for Samsung to show its humanity and connect with people?

The Idea
We all experience life in our own way. However, photography lets us see the world through different eyes. Samsung gave cameras to 11 visually-impaired students and taught them basic photography skills. The results were amazing. They showed that cameras are for everyone – not just those who can see. The photos they’d taken were so good that Samsung opened an exhibition of the best ones.

S-Oil’s HERE Balloon campaign on Save Oil

South Korea’s capital – Seoul – had some of the highest gasoline consumption in the world. What’s more, car use was increasing, petrol costs rising, and parking spaces scarce. S-Oil wanted to show it had a mission: to save oil.

The Problem
South Korea, is a country which is devoid of oil. In Seoul, where 1/4th of Koreans live, has one of the worlds highest gasoline consumption. Car usage is increasing as there is a car for every 2.5 people in this city. Parking spaces are scarce. On top of that petroleums cost are rising. People are stressed out. The situation is getting worse day by day.

Everyday a Seoul driver wanders 500 meters to find a parking space. Which means
500m x 30 days = 15km a month or approximately 1 liter of gas

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