The Hunt for a Perfect Travel Bag

As I have lesson plans for open classes and test papers to write coming out of my ears for my final weeks at school, I also have lots of thoughts buzzing around my head about the things I need to prepare for Argentina.

I've pretty much narrowed down my shopping list to a day rucksack, a coat, hiking boots and some sandals. I started looking last night and was overwhelmed by the amount of bags to pick from. Then I started getting ridiculously paranoid that I'm not going to pick the right one, and I will be lacking a vitally important pocket that I will only realise my life depended on when it's too late. It's a surprise I'm sleeping at night!

But here were 8 of my favourite that I found, and I realistically accept that I probably won't settle for any of them. Maybe I should save my money and use a bin liner instead?!

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