Fake Tan

Tanning in Korea - Where & how?


This is a post for the ladies. Well, perhaps for some men too. Times are changing and I know my brother for one LOVES to get his tan on! He's totally straight before you ask but these days it's becoming more and more common for men to indulge in a little beauty upkeep too. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I prefer my man not to glow in the dark.

So let's just say this is a post for the pasty people or those who fear being one, like me! :)

Being pasty in Korea can happen all too quickly. Everything is against you. A lack of outdoor space, a lack of sunshine and when it does shine it suddenly feels hotter than the dessert out there! On top of that Koreans don't mind white, in fact it sometimes seems all the beauty products are geared towards it.

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