I know, we're nearly half way through August already so this post is a little late but the sun is shining and the beach is hard to resist after work at the moment! After the rainy season at the start of the month the weather really started heating up, meaning air con is on full blast and I'm going to have arms like Popeye by the time I've finished with my fan. It was also vacation time for my school, here's what else we got up to!

Korean Shoes
Having been back in Korea since March, it had become apparent that I'd been in the country for too long, so I shared 6 clear reasons.

Summer Holiday!

After 5 long months of working hard, it's finally our Summer Holidays!!

The whole English department celebrated on Monday night with some tasty sushi and soju at a restaurant in Haeundae, followed by some drinks in Jangsan. As I explained before about work nights out here in Korea, everybody had a great time eating lots of food and playing drinking games. I felt very bad for the teachers who had to be in school the next day.
End of term work night out

6 Ways You Know You've Been In Korea Too Long...

Korean Shoes
I've been living in Busan, South Korea and working as a teacher for nearly 18 months now. It's strange to look back at this blog and read the things that were so shocking and different when I first got here, especially considering that I scarcely notice them now.

Here are a few ways I know that I've lived in Korea for a lengthy amount of time...

Where to buy Taboo and other ESL-friendly boardgames

Anyone know where I can buy Taboo the board game or other ESL-friiendly boardgames? Toys R Us in Myungnyun was suggested to me but does anyone know with more certainty? Thanks.

Because Korean Kids Aren't Cute and Life isn't what You Expected

Teacher's Day in Korea

I remember when I was younger and it was Mother's Day or Father's Day, I would always moan to my mum that it was unfair that parents each had a day, but children didn't get one. She answered that the reason was because every day is children's day, which cut that argument short. But here in Korea, everyone's celebrated on their own particular day.

There's Parents Day, Children's Day and this year I discovered the wonder of Teacher's Day on May 15th. Teacher's Day is the day when students give thanks to the ones that teach them. Apparently lots of middle schools and high schools close after lunch time, so students can go back to their old schools to see the teachers that made an impact on them when they were only a couple of feet high with their hair in pigtails.

It was nice to see all of my old 6th graders around school yesterday, as they ran up to their old homerooms.

Making Friends in Busan

girl friends

It's funny how I was so busy having an amazing time the last several months, that I totally forgot how I felt when we first got to Korea.

Korea’s EFL Education is Failing, But What Can Be Done About It?

Is Korea’s EFL teaching failing? This question was asked by Groove Magazine in its March issue. The article was a comprehensive account of the history of Korea’s attempt to make its population more competitive by making English language skills key to a child’s education. I thought that the answer was pretty straight forward. Yes. Korea’s EFL instruction programme is failing. But maybe it was an easy question.

Of course it’s important to set out from the beginning to establish the fact that you’re talking about the governments drive to instil native speaker capabilities among the populace. And it’s important to know that whenever you read an argument like this you have to remember that opinions have already been forged on the barstools of waegdom, so convincing any new comers to the discussion will allow for short work.

Korean Work Nights Out

Work Do
Old picture of a tame work do with just the ladies
Every payday in England my work mates and I would meet up after work and go out for a few drinks. Generally there'd be some people who would make excuses and slip away after one, others that had to drive and some that would try and just have a couple before their other halves came to pick them up.

Not everything in Korea smells like...


Work's well and truly started, the only place I can get a decent cup of tea is at my house and people bustle past me like I'm in a roller derby game- it can only mean I'm back in Korea, and have been for a while now. I have a serious case of the holiday blues. To try and combat it, I decided to list some of my favourite things about Korea. They may be obsessed with poop shape things, but not everything here is bad...

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