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Here is why the translator and interpreter business will be dead for most everyday people (besides high level talks such as UN and EU conferences/government).

Learning algorithms - a sort of system that is able to learn logical things (such as language); just put a massive amount of data (i.e. language) into the system and it will begin to understand.

"learning algorithm does: adjusts when you are tested so that you always have to struggle a little bit, but you are generally successful"

My next plan is to make a professional teaching portfolio

My next plan is to make a professional teaching portfolio at:

and make it like mrs baia's classroom blog.
Like I said it before her blog is quite good. I'm not gonna copy, just take some ideas and post my own teaching story. For example, I like how she posts each lesson she has done (or interesting ideas for the classroom) and posts pictures of the lesson materials, etc.

I want to do the same thing, because it will be a good way to preserve my teaching materials and also to reflect on my own teaching practice in order to improve it as time goes on.

Later on it can be useful for future employers in having look a look at what kind of teach I am, and how great I teach, haha.

This website will be kept as my main ideas and action framework blog.

Dialectical relationships and ZPD in ITE:

-      Alternative perspectives that open up the student teacher are needed to develop a student teacher’s awareness of knowledge (the world) as a dynamic phenomenon (including schools, curricula, pedagogy and education research).

Tutoring Role:

Challenging the Student:

1)   Sharing Practice:

Supporting the Student:

Balancing support and challenge:

Mentor Role:

What is the difference between tutor and mentor roles?

2. Learning to Teach - Mentoring and Tutoring Student Teachers

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