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Question: How extensively have Chinese hackers screwed the U.S. miltary?

Chinese Hackers

Bloomberg has put together a well reported and extensive look at what appears to have been a 5-year long game of cat and mouse-hack and evade with servers containing some of the U.S. military’s most sensitive and highly-coveted technology.

If F-22′s and F-35′s start dropping out of the sky during the Asian apocalypse in the Taiwan Strait, now you know why.

Getting Tough: Korean Smokers Passed Over for Job Promotions

South Korea ranks second in the OECD for nations that are a huffin’ and a puffin’. And before the house gets blown down the government and the business community are pushing some of the world’s toughest measures to curb the country’s tobacco obsession. But not with higher taxes.

Genetic Explanation For Racism; Historical Explanation For Nationalism

“Conceivably, racial prejudice could be interpreted as an irrational generalization of a kin-selected tendency to identify with individuals physically resembling oneself, and to be nasty to individuals different in appearance.”

—Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

China’s Dalian Airport Uses Cheerleaders to Calm Delayed Travelers

On April 24th, around 5000 passengers were stuck at Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport due to thick fog. To ease the people’s stress while waiting to take off, the airport dispatched a cheerleading team to the main terminal. When I first saw the pics I figured it had to be Japan, but no, this is Chinese ingenuity.


Weirdness: Chinese City Enacts Policy to Ban and Confiscate Tall Dogs

The city government of Harbin China has passed legislation to ban tall dogs. They have even published a list of dog breeds that have now become illegal.

Japan will be “a tiny country in the Far East”

It’s no secret that Japan’s economy has been in the slow lane for a long spell – GDP has grown over the last decade at an average annual rate of only 0.6%.

Well, according to a Japanese think tank, they better get there たわごと together.

The 21st Century Public Policy Institute is predicting that South Korea will pass Japan in gross domestic product per capita around 2030 and that Japan could even be dropped from the category of “developed countries” around that time.

The report blames the coming fall on low Japanese birth rates. The institute assumes the population will drop to 116.6 million in 2030 from 128.1 million in 2010.

India Can Now Nuke Beijing and Why That’s Actually a Good Thing

With the successful launch of their spanking new three-stage missile, India has put both Beijing and Shanghai on the list of potential targets for mass destruction.

The land of curry and call-centers is currying no favor with long time rival, China, in the opening rounds of an arms race between the world’s two most likely candidates for future superpowers.

China and the Dalai Lama: They Both Kinda Suck

I don’t know who is running the PR department for the Chinese government, but they really need to work on the message. Rather than pointing out all of the good things China has done for Tibet, the state-run media continues to attack the Dalai Lama publicly, which will win them no friends.

Today they took it to another level.

He always plays tricks under the cover of doing good for Tibetans. It is doubtable that the Dalai Lama would speak on the behalf of Tibetans as he is sponsored by the US and his relatives work for Central Intelligence Agency.

Yah, that makes sense. What with all those natural resources and sunny beaches in Tibet, I am sure the American government is allotting resources in that political arena with Central Intelligence Agency.

So you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao?

Mao Zedong has always been a controversial character. The world reviles him, China loves him and Andy Warhol adorns him with lipstick. We should all be so fortunate.

South Korean Lawmakers Fight With NK Diplomat at UN

GENEVA, Switzerland — South Korea has long argued that the North Korean defectors should be treated as refugees and not be returned to North Korea where they often face severe punishment and even death. China, on the other hand, does not agree.

The Chinese government, which has repatriated large numbers of defectors over the years, claims they do so because those that cross are entering China for economic reasons and do not merit protection as ‘refugees.’

In effect, China is either in complete denial that repatriated North Koreans are exposed to extreme punitive actions upon their return, or simply place no value on the lives of those they send back across their border.

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