What to bring to Korea if you’re Vegetarian / Vegan

Be it comfort food, nutrition or pleasure seeking indulgence. There are a few things difficult for vegetarians and vegans to obtain in South Korea. Here are  few suggestions on what to bring on your visit – or extended stay – to South Korea.

1. Marmite / Vegemite. Yes, they are vegan as well as being high in vitamin B12, brimming with salty goodness and in my opinion delicious. They say you either love it or hate it. But in my house marmite is king of the breakfast table.   Not available in Korea.

Vegan Christmas Gifts

What do you buy a Vegan for Christmas? This question had my family stumped for years. I didn’t want to add to stress of Christmas with my ‘preferences’ but when asked if leather is okay, or if it really matters that a lip balm contains sebum (sheep fat), I had to smile and softly say, “Yeah, it does sorry.” Sorry because it’s inconvenient to seek out cruelty-free gifts, not sorry because I act according to my beliefs.

Things I Like Thursday – Pot Lucks

Where else do you have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in an intimate setting? Test out you quirky orange-chocolate mouse? And lounge about on the floor in your socks?

Vegan Chinese Spring Rolls

Chinese Spring Rolls are delicious. Crispy on the outside they burst with flavour and texture as you bite into them. They are great as a side dish or as nibbles at a gathering and are surprisingly easy to make. As a bonus, they contain much less fat than store bought spring rolls and can be made vegan with tofu in place of shrimp and by making your own rolling dough. This recipe will yield 15-20 spring rolls depending on how tight you roll them, which is the real art to these tricky little delights. Prep Time: 35 minutes          Cook Time: 10 minutes                     Total Time: 45 minutes Add 1 1/4 if you’ll be making your own spring roll wrappers from scratch (easy to do).

Lentil Soup

Lentils deserve more praise. Lentil soup is one of those recipes that should be in every cook’s repertoire. They’re available in most grocery stores and are high in protein, healthy and very cheap. This dish has proven to be my favourite as it’s so easy to prepare and difficult to mess up. Enjoy this traditional and warming dish.

 Prep time: 10 mins, Cooking time: 20 – 50 mins (depending on your lentils)

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