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The US will not ‘Pivot’ much to Asia (1): We don’t really Want to

Asia According to USA

I pulled this image from here.

Some Political Science Thoughts on the GOP Debate Marathon

Here’s the last one is you haven’t seen it yet


GOP Response Better than SotU (1) – Wow

Korean Nat’l Identity (2): 4 Simultaneous Sociological Transformations

If you have never seen one of these, they are pretty classic

Korean National Identity: Comparisons to Israel, France, & the US

Foreign Policy of the GOP Debate (2): the Creepy Relish for Violence

This is the second GOP national security debate, from November 22.

Part one of my thoughts on the foreign policy discussion in the Republican primary is here.

Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumble!! — Korean Style over the US Trade Deal

Democracy Rocks !! LOL


The opposition Democratic Party is getting ready to physically block theKorus FTA legislation from floor consideration in the National Assembly this week. Read this. Time to riot! Just check youtube in a few days for flying chairs, fire extinguishers, and hair-pulling. Awesome.

If you’ve never seen an Asian parliament riot, you’ve missed one of the great pleasures of life in Asia. The above is a nice vid, from South Korea. But the Taiwanese have the best ones. Rumor has it they have breathalyzer tests before the biggest Taiwanese debates. Hah! I love it. Just type ‘parliament fight south korea’ or ‘taiwan’ into youtube and watch them for awhile. They’re hysterical. Here are a few. For my speculation on why these ridiculously embarrassing meltdowns happen, read this.


And now We Killed Awlaki’s Son, again a US Citizen, again without Due Process…



In the last two weeks, I got pulled into another round of the endless debate on the role of US forces in Korea, so I missed this yet further depressing story of the US government flirting with extra-judicial, not-really-very-oversighted killings in the field of Americans.

Transformers 3 (1): “We will Kill them all in the name of Freedom” – Yikes!

In the name of freedom, we will kill them all!

– Optimus Prime (the protagonist in the clip above) updates the Bush Doctrine after a decade of war

Cheering & Whistling for Executions: Republican Primary goes Talibanic

Bloodlust on the Right

I try not to be too openly partisan on this website, but I worry a lot about the course of US conservatism, especially after 9/11 and because I am a registered Republican. And this was genuinely horrifying. Just watch. This is from the Republican primary debate on September 7 and should tell you why a vote for against the GOP is practically a moral requirement, at least until the Tea Party fury fades.

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