DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon

Seoul, South Korea — Bukchon Hanok Village, literally means northern traditional village, is situated between Jongmyo Shrine and two famous palaces namely Gyeongbuk andChangdeok. Most visitors and tourists merely take photos at this very spot of the famous traditional village

Around Christmas, I like to make snow globes with my students....

Around Christmas, I like to make snow globes with my students. It’s easy to find different kinds of glass containers. You can glue figurines to the inside of the lid of the jar, but I like to laminate pictures of the students. Here are the steps to making your own:

Kale, almond, onion and garlic sauce!

When Aaron and I were in Seoul last weekend, Jess told us about a pasta sauce she's been making at home that she thought we'd like trying, and boy did we! We've made it twice since we've been home already.  Hey, you can never take a good homemade pasta sauce for granted, right?!  Forgive me for the lack of photos in this post, but I accidentally deleted them off my computer while I was editing them. ugh... 

What a Drip!

Today, while finishing my friends’ Christmas gift,


(which I was very excited about how well it turned out) I decided to make some potpourri.

My Mom likes to boil potpourri on the stove in the wintertime, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice smelling home, so I thought I would follow suit.  I used some oranges that had been hiding in the back of my fridge and had shriveled up, some dried rosemary (more than I had planned since a bunch spilled out), and a little bit of vanilla extract.

‘We Need a Little Christmas’

The Holidays are full of traditions and being away from home this time of year has me clinging to some of the traditions I can replicate overseas.  Today I was talking with a friend about things we watch every year and it made me realize I was overdue to watch my absolute favorite Christmas tradition: A Muppet Family Christmas.

Roasted Tomato Soup!

During the afternoons at work, Aaron or I will always message the other asking, "What should we make for dinner tonight?"  Just like clockwork, the same conversation happened this afternoon and Aaron asked what I thought of this recipe for roasted tomato soup!  I obviously had absolutely no hesitation, especially since I'd never had tomato soup!  Yay for firsts!
Aaron got right to work on the tomatoes when he got home (while I visited a car rental place to see if we could rent a car for Aaron's birthday weekend next weekend. Sadly, they said no to me because I'm not Korean.

Washi Tape

Since I moved back to Asia one of my major obsessions is tape.  Now I know that may sound as exciting as collecting lint, but it’s definitely cuter than it sounds.  I used fabric tape to make an awesome tree in my apartment.  After coming back from Japan my newest facet in this tape obsession is Washi tape.  I blame/thank my friend Seema for sparking the flames of the tape fire.

Getting creative during the freeze!

Korea's winter freeze has definitely set in and the days of hanging out outside after work have quickly fled! With the change in weather has come a change in entertainment around the Osteen abode!  Our shopping in the markets, hiking in the mountains and photo walks around the neighborhood have been replaced by nightly games of Jin Rummy
(which, as you can see, I sometime dominate) ...
... and Christmas movies!  We've begun a new tradition in our first year of marriage, to...

Let's get CRAFTY!

I met Jestine a couple weeks ago when she e-mailed me about doing engagement photos for her and her fiance. We hit it off immediately and spent our night chatting on facebook, getting to know each other! She e-mailed me the day after I posted this blog about re-designing our photography website and asked if I would ever be up for having a crafting night.  Ahhh, a girl after my own heart!  So, we planned it and made it happen last night... Even Bobby, her fiance and my friend Ashley came and got in on the action, too!  The more the merrier.

Homemade Pepero!

There's nothing more generic and unoriginal than giving your friends, co-teachers, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, a box of store bought pepero on pepero day!  Don't get me wrong, store bought pepero is great, but homemade is BETTER, don't you agree?!

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