I snagged this from a friend. Love making should be a universal...

I snagged this from a friend. Love making should be a universal language, but I guess it never hurts to learn how to say “harder” or “wait” in Korean.

I have been hesitant to mention it because I don’t want to make...

I have been hesitant to mention it because I don’t want to make it a bigger deal than it is, but… The Canadian and I ended our relationship.

I think I haven’t been in a good place (mentally) lately and that has increased our incompatibility. Not for any one particular reason, but I’ve just been feeling a bit sad. I have my issues with trust, anxiety, and crippling fear of failure. Busy thinking about past relationship and life disappointments, etc. Also, I’ve invested in the wrong friends time and time again. Everyone that I let in to see the real me seems to disappoint me by not being worth the effort in the end.

I’m known to be pretty critical of myself. I know I need to face my demons on my own. I want to be alone. As selfish as it sounds, I need to focus on me.

Little known fact, but I make super delicious kimchi jjigae...

Little known fact, but I make super delicious kimchi jjigae (김치찌개). I make it whenever I have some older kimchi sitting in the fridge (i.e. more fermented or “ripe” kimchi). The stew only tastes as good as the kimchi. I like to make mine with pork, cooked and served boiling hot in a stone pot.

Pictured is 참치 김치찌개 (chamchi kimchi jjigae, tuna). I felt a little funny about ordering something so… let’s say “poignant in aroma” for a date, but… he’s cool.

Unsolicited fanmail

I hesitate to share private messages, but this is my blog and this blog is about my life. I have edited out the name as best as possible. If the individual finds this post and asks me to take down this post, I will.

Sometimes I receive what I refer to as “unsolicited fanmail” on social media. I am not talking about kind messages or constructive criticism from strangers. Those I welcome, because I think the world is full of kind people I have yet to meet and the internet helps connect me with those wonderful people. When I talk about “unsolicited fanmail,” I mean unwelcome messages from people that use social media to be put me down or be creepy.

There is a cute boy in my life who likes to take me on dates,...

There is a cute boy in my life who likes to take me on dates, such as walking along the Han River (한강).

I will tell you three things. (1) He is Canadian. (2) We are taking things slow. (3) The other day he told me that I am the most beautiful person. >//<

Ode to dudes in Korea

Buying me a $3 Cass ―that I didn’t ask for― does not mean that I owe you ANYTHING.

Getting upset with me because you don’t get your way does not mean I’m going to backtrack so you can immediately get your way. Far from it.

Korean guy, calling me “fat and cute” is not a compliment.

Foreign guy, telling me that I’m thinner than the typical foreigner is not a compliment.

Everyone, if your first message to me is, “Want to have sex?,” “Do you have sex?,” or merely, “Sex?” ―you will receive no response. Absolutely no response.

Also, if you don’t ask me out on a proper date, I won’t know that you like me. If you want to make out in the dark, go bark up another tree, as this minx isn’t for you.

My first date with a Korean

Cross one off the bucket list, I have officially gone on my first one-on-one date with a Korean man. I didn’t really realize it was a date until we met up though. We had exchanged phone numbers at a bar and had arranged to meet under the pretense that it was a language exchange. He spoke perfect English since he had studied in the States. He had never been on a date with a foreigner before though, and by our conversation, it was quite apparent.

Since all the great Korean dating blogs name their conquests, I’ll nickname this one “Potato Head.”

I don’t pretend to know how Korean couples talk. I don’t know if I misinterpreted things, or if I just bring the crazy out of people, but this date was terrible.

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