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Namhae’s German Village

On the island of Namhae, there is an odd little community, the German Village.

It was made back in the 1960′s for Koreans who had gone to Germany to work and had since returned home and missed part of their old life.  Now I have not yet been to Germany, but sometime tells me, this place isn’t exactly like Germany.

I love the welcome sign and it’s complete lack of German.

Pepero Day ♥ 빼빼로데이 11/11

Did you know that on top of Valentines day and White day, Korea has ONE MORE holiday for giving sweets to someone special? Pepero day 빼빼로데이~ a holiday made for giving pepero snacks that is held every year on 11/11!  Why that date? Well because it resembles the stick biscuit treat! ♥

5 Good Things about Korea you should be Thankful for this Thanksgiving


Celebrity-Style Wedding at Shilla Hotel

So recently Nara and I were able to attend another wedding here in Korea that we thought was worth sharing with everyone on the blog~  the wedding of Nara’s old classmate Minah and her new husband Seunghun at the extremely high class Shilla Hotel in Seoul!

Daegu Musical Revue: One Last Night


A Week in Photos #8


Korean Movie Review: Herb (허브)


Angola Poetry and Languages Galore


My October in 2 Minutes


Five Election-Explaining Clichés I really don’t want to hear this Tuesday

On Interstate 71, south of Columbus; Ohio’s most famous sign

So it’s election time, which means CNN, etc. will be filled with pundits with only the vaguest credentials – never any PhDs Sad smile – telling you why the outcome inevitably had to be such-and-such.

Halloween in School


It’s Halloween in Daegu!

Last weekend we suited up and went to celebrate one of my faaaaavorite holidays! Does it really surprise you that I like to dress up?  BAM! I impressed myself with putting this Wilykit from the Thundercats outfit together in 3 days. I made it! WoooOOooo, mama be proud! Everything including contacts cost like $35.  We [...]

3rd Presidential Debate, Foreigner Version: If you’re not an American, you’re Mentally Ill or something

Warning! The lyrics are explicit – but the movie is hysterical

Only in the Classroom


Korean Seolleongtang 설렁탕 Featuring Sinseon 신선설농탕


If you have read my Juk post, you will know I am a LOOOOVER of soups! For a while I thought my soup world in Korea was limited to things like kimchi jjigae, until Nara introduced me to the delicious world of Seolleongtang 설렁탕~ a simple, but satisfying dish that has been around in Korea for over 500 years!

5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Turtle Ships

Sitting in Tongyeong’s harbor are 4 boats that are pretty hard to miss. Turtle Ships!

Turtle Ships are infamous throughout Korea because they helped fend off the Japanese at the end of the 1500’s with their great design paired with great leadership. They’re called Turtle Ships because their roofs are round and look a bit like the back of a turtle.  In Tongyeong’s harbor sit 4 different interpretations of the Turtle Ships (since there are very few accounts on the design, we don’t know precisely how these ships looked).

We were able to walk through 3 of the 4 ships and I will say, Turtle Ships are awesome.

Here’s why:

1. Dragons-

What’s Up Democracy? What’s Up?

Today, I voted.  I know I may be a few weeks early for most, but I just couldn’t wait?  I seriously love voting.  It makes me feel much more involved.

Even though I am overseas and there were a few hoops to jump through, it really wasn’t that hard (at least for my state).  After applying for an absentee ballot and mailing it to my county election board, they emailed me the ballot and instructions.  You could either mail the ballot or email it (there is still plenty of time for emailing if you’re an expat too).

A visit to 홍제천 river

Do you ever just ride the bus or drive not knowing where you are going? I love doing that… if I had a car here I would do it all the time, but in Korea I am limited to the bus XD thankfully, Korea has an amazing public transport system so you can just hop on with your t-money card and go pretty much anyplace! Korea has so many places to explore~

Film Fanatical

This weekend and upcoming week is BIFF, the Busan International Film Festival. I am currently on film overload.  I saw 3 films today and am going back for more tomorrow.  Not only am I going back to watch more movies tomorrow (and some more after work this week), but I’m getting up earlier than I have to for weekdays to do it.
A lot of the films sell out quickly online, but they save a percentage of tickets for each film, for the day of the screening.  As I learned today, if you don’t show up early, you’ll sometimes have to go with your 3rd or 4th choice.


Nikko is stunning!  I’m so glad I spent one of my days in Japan there.  I never would have considered it, and I might not even had known about it if it hadn’t been for my friend’s recommendation. After doing a search for images of Nikko, I was sold.

Nikko looked like the lush,green, and quiet zen forest full of UNESCO wonders I wanted to explore, and it totally was.

Even though Nikko can be seen as a day trip from Tokyo (the train ride took less than 2 hours), I went the night before so the whole day would be open to explore all the temples.

Pop Music Brings a Lot More Readers than Social Science: Follow-up on ‘Kangnam Style’


Now THAT is Korean art – the Seokguram Buddha; I’ve been to see it 3 times

5 Awesomely Awesome: “I Love Korea” Edition.

Even after living in Korea for a year and a half, I still have these wonderful moments where all I can say is “I Love Korea”.  I’ve been out exploring some of Korea’s islands the past few days which provided quite a few of these moments, so here are some of my favorites:


1. Defunct Carnival Rides:

Down near SangJu Beach in Namehae we found two old carnival rides sitting on a lot.  And for some unexplainable reason the famous ride “Supertagadisco” had some very famous faces.

What is it with Koreans and Plastic Surgery?

It is fairly common knowledge that South Korea is plastic surgery capital of the world  Every person living in Korea currently will also know why they do it and it is most commonly down to achieving a more 'Western' look.  Nose jobs and double eye-lid surgery are very popular to achieve this as most Koreans have a fairly low nose ridge and have inconspicuous eye-lids.

Happy 추석!!

Happy 추석(Chuseok), or Happy Thanksgiving!

The next few days in Korea are a time to honor family, eat traditional foods such as 잡채 (japchae) and rice cakes, and if you’re my students- look traditionally adorable.

This also means a fantastic 5 day break!

With so much free time, my friend Sam and I are going to go wander around some of Korea’s islands.  We both wanted to go somewhere new so the plan is to go to Namhae and maybe Tongyeong, or somewhere else if all the buses are booked. I’m really excited to get out into the country a bit, and see some new parts of Korea I have yet to experience.


Today I played dress up!  What did you do?

From Busan with 추석 Love,

Fall is Near

I am not one to frequent coffee shops, but this past weekend I found myself in a Starbucks.  While there I can happily report that our Corporate Overseers have since announced the impending Arrival of Fall to Korea.

Now there isn’t any of the infamous “Pumpkin Spice” aroma in the air, but there is a nice Salted Caramel flavor, that here in Korea is being called “Sweet and Salty”.

Now I don’t know if I just didn’t stalk Starbucks enough my first year here, or if Korea is finally catching on to the flavors of fall, but either way it’s quite tasty.
Now if only I could get some good apple cider.

From Busan with Autumnal Love,

Olympic Soccer ♥ Korea VS Japan live at Seoul City Hall!

As we all know, this year was the 2012 Olympics in London!  During the last winter Olympics I happened to be in Korea and remembered how INTO the games the country got, you really feel the pride and unity all over the country when these sorts of things go on because Korea is quite small and hungry to win! One game Koreans get very excited for is soccer, and one thing Koreans get RABID excited about is playing against Japan… so when Korea and Japan Men’s Soccer made it to the finals to compete for the bronze medal I knew we had to go out and mingle with the crowds vs stay at home while Nara screamed at his TV all night lol.

The game was set for 8/11/2012!

‘Kangnam Style’s Irony is Missed b/c of the Publicity Wave

yeah, it’s pretty hysterical, especially when you get the underlying social critique


5 Awesomely Awesome Things: The Very Merry unBirthday Edition

Now before this gets confusing it’s not my Birthday, that was a few months ago.  Even though it wasn’t my Birthday, this past week it was 3 of my co-worker’s Birthdays in the span of only two days.  Needless to say I’ve had Birthdays on the brain, which is fine.

I love Birthdays.  So here are some things I find Awesomely Awesome about them.


1. Mail: 

I love Mail!  I love getting cards and letters and bits of awesomeness to brighten my day and adorn my walls.  Birthdays mean mail and especially far from home, they are that much more special.  Seriously, if you ever need to win me over, send me a card.  If you send me a package, I’ll love you forever.  Did I mention I like mail?

Life’s Short, Eat Dessert First.

My Grandma used to tell me this, and when I was in Osaka I totally listened.
My last night in Japan I was wondering around Osaka after checking into my hostel looking for a place to eat.  It was one of those times that there was so much selection that nothing in particular sounded good.
As I was walking down one random street, I found this little bakery tucked away.

Inside was this cool young dude who I found out is the owner and creator of all of the stores delicious treats.  I was hungry and it looked super good so I dove into vacation mode and had my dessert first.

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