The Japan Rail Pass

Japan was a wonderful whirlwind.  I went to 6 cities in 8 days.  It was crazy, and busy, and jam packed and really amazing.

I honestly would not have been able to see as much as I did without the Japan Rail Pass.  It is awesome!  It's pretty expensive, but if you're going to travel all over Japan it's totally worth it.  As much as I saw it definitely paid for itself.  It's hard to know exactly how much I would've spent on trains since my tickets didn't have prices on them, but I've read the pass pays for itself in one round trip between Tokyo and Osaka. 

Recognising Value in Korea

There’s a lot to be said for value. Much of what we value, or how we place value on something, depends on our recognition of the use and importance of the particular subject in question. Like a four day work week, which may have more value to a person who regularly works a five or six day week than to a person who only works three days a week. It’s all about how much worth we put in particular things.

Today is May 5. Up until around seven years ago this day meant nothing to me. There’s no reason to really celebrate May 5th in Ireland, other than when it is the first Monday of the month of May. In Korea, today is Children’s Day. In Mexico and the U.S. , today is Cinco de Mayo which is a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.

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