10 Things South Korea Does Faster

One of the first Korean words I learned after my arrival to the peninsula was bbali (빨리). Meaning "fast," it's a term used frequently and, in my opinion, perfectly summarizes the entire country in two syllables. After all, the nation rose from the ashes of the Korean War in a mere six decades to become one of the world's greatest economies. In general, Koreans do a lot of things fast. Here's 10 of them, in no particular order.


Yeongtong Just Got Better!

Believe it or not, Yeongtong-dong in Suwon has just increased its position on some quality of life scale somewhere in the world. Previously I was frustrated over the never ending subway works right outside my apartment, but the good news is that they have finally been completed! Celebrations are in process.

A somewhat irresponsible photograph of the lay of the land outside the brand-spanking new Cheongmyeong Station!

A somewhat irresponsible photograph of the lay of the land outside the brand-spanking new Cheongmyeong Station!

STX KAN, Geoje-Si, South Korea

STX KAN a remarkably big construction company is opening in Geoje-si. It joins the leagues of the giant companies names in the Geoje island, first the DSME, SHI and now STX KAN.
STX KAN are the biggest builders of offshore plants, constructions, houses, housing complex, resorts, roads, bridges, tunnels, advances research complexes etc.
It has several branch office all over the world. Its globally recognized company.
See more information:
STX KAN website
Also STX KAN is building up the STX Hansol: STX apartments, located in Geoje, Sagok-ri San 61-3,Sadeung-myun, Geoje-gun,Gyeongsangnam-do

Not So Hidden Beauty

For the past week or so, for one reason or another, I've been playing the role of tour guide for a few people around Busan. 
In that time of sightseeing and guiding, I've been reminded how amazingly beautiful the artwork in Korean Buddhist temples can be.  Yes the statues are almost always impressive and stunning, but the small details and tiny flowers painted up in the high reaches of the ceiling always seem to be my favorite.  Like they're hidden gems of beauty just waiting for you to discover them.

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