63 Years On: Film Screening about Comfort Women

Although the tragedies that are affecting Japan right now are serious there is something else to consider thinking about this month. There will be a film screening at The House of Sharing at Dongguk University which will show, in multiple languages with English subtitles, the stories of 5 survivors of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery during WWII.

I know this sounds pretty serious but let's consider this part of history for a moment and that you have an opportunity to go see a piece of creation about it.

"Togethership with Kolleen Park" Open Art Contest

The Artpoli group has put together their first art contest on their website. Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam & Artpoli hold the [Togethership with Kolleen Park – Open Art Contest] sponsored by Shinhan Bank. In this smart and social art event, artists apply works online at Artpoli, and popular works voted by viewers will be exhibited offline at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam.

Live from Busan!

The Amazing Race Daegu

Nothing says adventure like an Amazing Race scavenger hunt, so when opportunity knocked on our door in the form of Dianna and Bryan inviting us along, we went with it. Our team of four, Team Amuricah (said with a slow drawl), took on the city of Daegu, the third largest city in Korea, just a bit northwest of Busan. 

Seventeen teams competed, mostly all foreigners with a few native Koreans here and there. About six of us teams had never set foot in Daegu before-- including us. That would prove to be less of a disadvantage than you think it would. 

Question from a reader: nervous about coming to Korea and getting a career started

A reader named M writes in again with a few follow-up questions:Hi, I think I may of emailed you awhile back but not sure. Anyway, I gave up the idea of teaching in s.korea a few months back but now after seeing utube videos of a couple there it looks fun. However, I really have to decide and tell the recruiter yes or no by tommorrow and i need a job asap so wanted to ask some questions. (my

2S2 gathering - this Saturday - open invitation to anyone in Korea

If the term '2S2' is unfamiliar, it's a get-together of expats and Koreans every 2nd Saturday at 2pm started by Rob from Roboseyo. Unlike most other 'get-together' type groups, this one starts at the same place (A Twosome Place near Anguk station - line 3, exit 1), but does something different every time. This time, Rob has given my girlfriend and I the keys to the event for this month - this Saturday, it's on.

We'll get started around 11:45am - I'll meet people at the top of Sinsa station, line 3, exit 8. From there we'll walk down to the dancing place. If you want to get there on your own, the directions are below.

Article for Groove Magazine: On community (published Jan 2010)

As of the time I post this, Groove Magazine's website hasn't yet been updated with the newest issue. Pick up the paper copy at your friendly Hongdae / Itaewon bar, or just wait until you see it online.

On community

Two new community efforts worth your attention

The next time you find yourself in Seoul lamenting the lack of expat community, think again.

Exhibit A: 2S2 - organized by Rob over at Roboseyo, it's a community that focuses on doing something together with other expats in the real world. 2S2 is as much a reference to it's date (2S = 2nd Saturday of every month) and time (2pm) as it is a name. The next meet up will be this Saturday, 2pm, at the Twosome Place near Anguk station (line 3, exit 1). Turn right out of the gate, then look right just before the intersection. It's free, it's cool, and it's a great chance to meet up with some new people that you don't work with. This month, Rob and crew will be teaching / playing GoStop - you've seen the older women play it, now learn for yourself. Read up on the rules here, then come out to have some fun.

Survey time - regarding community

OK, so I know enough of you readers enjoy the little monthly poll on the blog (assuming you're not reading through the RSS feed or a Google Reader-like setup). A fellow K-blogger is doing a short survey about community between expats / foreigners here in Korea, so hit him with your opinions. 10 multiple-choice questions you can ace in five minutes. Click that you read me (among other blogs, I'm sure) and I'll give you a cookie.

Bear in mind that this survey is only for current or previous English teachers in Korea. Hey, I can't make all the rules, but there they are. Enjoy --

K-bloggers and writers of Korea, unite!

If you are a fellow K-blogger or writer about Korea, a number of the biggest K-bloggers are inviting you to a new community for K-bloggers and writers. Any and all welcome, whether you started your first blog last week or are still tinkering with the finer points of Wordpress.

Check out the Facebook group as the central hub for the time being.

EDIT 11:32PM September 8, 2009 - The event has been created in Facebook - this Sunday the 13th, 2pm - be there or be square :) We'll be meeting in the courtyard behind Tomatillo in Jongno, Jonggak Station, exit 6.

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