KoreanCupid: A Guide for the Ladies on how to Date Online

Maybe, you have seen the above picture with a young Korean woman in it and the words "Korean Cupid".  After looking at it a few times you might have wondered, what it is like to use an online dating service in Korea. So your curiosity finally peaks and you head over to the site and end up in this world that you might think is just like any other dating site, except it is not.

 Before I get into my guide, let me first tell you that I met JH through this particular site, and just about two years ago. It was after my break up with my first Korean boyfriend (BK), and I didn't want to believe that I could never love a Kboy again. However, I am not the person to walk up to strangers on the street or go to bars/clubs and hit it up with guys there. I needed a place to go to where I could connect with a Korean man but on a certain level. That is why this guide today will reflect an actual user's experience and give you some insight into the site and trying to meet Korean men.

Seoul's Garage Sale: Ttukseom Resort Flea Market

That is a picture of my lunch that I had at a Vietnamese restaurant near the Tteokssom Resort in Seoul. But before I take you into this weekend's adventure I first want to remind you of one of the best parts of modern culture, and that is the garage sale.
I have always enjoyed going to garage sales as a kid.

Kolleen Park Voting Results and Upcoming Events

Recently the voting ended for the portrait art contest that is taking part by the group Artpoli. As you may recall in last month's posts I invited you all to get to know the famous Kolleen Park. I don't know if any of you voted or submitted artwork, but it looks like there was a good turn out.

The following links can show you what works of art were selected for the gallery showing.

Home Cooking: Minestrone Soup

Job Satisfaction

Maybe it is because I didn't have six classes as usual today or that spring is here. I am sure there is a reason but whatever it is I feel really satisfied with my job in Korea, right now. It's the fourth job and I suppose after many trials and errors I have come to a point where I like my work. I wasn't trained to be a teacher but I feel I have learned and survived through enough that I am capable of the job.

I guess it could be that the kids are transitioning out of their kindy-selves and into first graders. Really, though I feel like this job suits me and I am starting to enjoy being in a room full of feisty children. One thing though that has really helped is that I don't do any coteaching anymore. I don't have to worry about coordinating things with someone who doesn't understand me and won't take the time to try.

Foreign Food Shopping: Do It Online!

Tired of hunting for some particular foreign food, like couscous or deli meat at your local supermarket? Or do you just not feel like making the trek to Itaewon where whatever you buy has to be trucked back home?

Well thankfully many foreign food vendors are to be found online and offer a variety of goods. CocoinKorea recently posted about two sites that offer some great finds. I will list those here along with a few others.

Art Event: "Before the Dawn of Language. There Was the Symbol"

Seeing My Art on Display

Yesterday I went to the UPlus gallery / cafe at the LG UPlus building near Seoul Station. I made my out of exit 11 and found myself up against a late winter wind.

Kolleen Park Melody

I am thinking of making and submitting something to the contest. But I really feel like I don't know who Kolleen Park is enough to produce something sincerely. So I am doing research, and started with a youtube search.

On Display at the Trick Art Exhibit

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