Performance Art in the Subway Cars: Dongdaemun to Incheon

Performance Art is one of those areas of the art world that you either like or dislike. As for myself, the more zany and out of this world the more I am intrigued to watch. But I know for those uninitiated Performance Art can look like just a bunch of crazy people acting nuts. However, it is a medium of art that is so close to the human experience, that a painting or sculpture just can't radiate.

The Tate's glossery page describes the medium like this:

Korean Product Review: 궁중딱볶이

A Year In, A World Away, The Great Adventure Continues....

One year ago today, Shane and I stood, electrified yet somber, optimistic yet intimidated, in the international terminal of O'Hare in Chicago. We'd said our lachrymose farewells to our families and most of our possessions were packed away in storage. We arrived.                                                                                      
And here we are today, living a damn good life

Dentist in Seoul? Try Tufts

For me vacation time doesn't just mean to relax and unwind it also means to get some things done that would otherwise be difficult. For instance, going to the dentist during my work schedule means going during the evening or go on the weekend. I figured why not get this done while on my time off.

After some inquires at work I found out that a good place to go is called, "Tufts Dental" located in Gangnam. Checking the website I could tell they looked like a good place. The last time I got my teeth cleaned was in Bundang, and they did an okay job except wanted me to come back for something I felt unnecessary. Well over a year has passed since then and I knew it was time for a check up.

Dinner at Suji's: Itaewon

The Future of Chang on NBC’s ‘Community’

As the self-proclaimed “El Tigre Chino,” Ken Jeong‘s character on NBC’s comedy Community has always been the most outlandish out of an ensemble cast of quirky misfits, but creator Dan Harmon reveals that we’ve only just begun the journey into the “insane” mind of Ben Chang.

Returning to Greendale with a new job as a security guard, Ben will be given a more in-depth background including a story told in noir-style about his earlier life.

Ken Jeong: “This is the happiest I’ve been in my career.”

Itaewon's Secret: Discover Some Place New

When you think of Itaewon several images might come to mind. For instance the many pubs or clubs you can go to. Or perhaps, great international restaurants where you can get a taste of food from around the world. But, would you think that somewhere in Itaewon is a quiet cafe street? A place to go see some art and kick back with a cup of tea or coffee? For some time now an area of Itaewon has been growing with galleries, cafes and mini-shops.

Lantern Kaleidoscope for Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday is not a holiday I normally celebrate. I've still never really celebrated it, although I did have the day off from work. I knew the day was coming weeks in advance, since ordinary city streets gradually became lined with long strings of colorful paper lanterns. It's a beautiful religion I know little about.

Baseball Top Ten: How Busan Does America's Game

Our first adventure to Sajik Stadium was just that, an adventure. The songs, the food, the cheers, and the pageantry were all on display. Here's my top ten list of things that make Korean professional baseball (Busan Lotte Giants specifically) great.

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