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Letter from Korea, November 2011

Suwon, Korea

Dear Ireland,

A few months ago I was elected as the new Chairman of the Irish Association of Korea. I suppose I had it coming to me. So, what about it?

The Irish Association of Korea has been around for over ten years and primarily seeks to promote Ireland and Irishness in Korea. We do have a few other mandates, such as fundraising for a memorial to honour the Irish who died in the Korean War, but essentially we try our best to promote Ireland as a country rich in culture which is distinct from the many other countries busy promoting their cultural identity in Korea.

As I’ve written about the lack of general knowledge on Ireland in Korea before, I won’t go into it now. I think it would be appropriate to give a little information on what I’m hoping to do for the promotion of Ireland over the next year, aside from hosting the usual events such as Paddy’s Day and our annual céilí.

Our Neighborhoods

A recent video, by the Qiranger, goes into the neighborhood of Itaewon, which has been Paul Ajosshi's home for quite sometime. I like this video because it shows you how you can go from one interesting alley to the next and end up at some oddball places, with just a little exploration. I wrote recently about a new back alley in Itaewon that is already taking shape and getting popular, check out the post here.

A Chat with Chuck Sandy @ KOTESOL 2011

See video

Maria Pinto (now followable at: @otnipairam) speaks with Chuck Sandy (@chucksandy) at the 2011 KOTESOL International Conference. 

More about KOTESOL at:

Fetish Sketch Night

I have been craving to get to one of the many drawing classes offered here in Seoul. So finally I packed my sketchbook and headed to Cheongrangyi to the Big Green Studio. Here they were having the second session of "Fetish Sketch Night."

There was a costumed French model, who had a great figure and was fun to draw. First there were a series of short poses and then a session of one long pose. I left after the first session so didn't catch the second costume.

This is Our Dog - Diga

Let me tell you about a little white scruffer that Rose and I call Diga. For the last few years, Rose and I have really wanted to get a dog. At our place in Madison, we couldn't get a dog, and that really sucked. As we were getting ready to leave for Korea, we found out that many expats abroad adopted dogs. This sounded amazing to us, but we weren't sure how easy or practical it would be for us. The rest of this article is the story of Rose and I expanding our family. 

Friends, Food and Folly

I was able to have this incredible view because a certain somebody (Roboseyo) invited me to a gathering of good friends on Gae-eun Mountain. Getting to the park area was quite a feat as it was nestled atop a very steep mountain road. I have to say that I clearly know how out of shape I am, because of that hill.

Feeling the Love: A Tale of Two (Korean) Weddings

We were lucky this past spring to have been invited to not one, but two of our co-workers' weddings. Since Shane and I are currently in the midst of planning our own wedding, we thought it neat to be able to see some examples of Korean weddings. Not surprisingly, the weddings we went to were unlike any we've ever been to. We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone and playing our own version of cultural spot the differences. Here's what we saw:

Sitting on Songjeong

In the spirit of summer (or rather, the recent end thereof), I thought I would share one of my favorite discoveries from this too quickly gone by summer season: Songjeong Beach, tucked up on Busan's eastern coast in the Haeundae area. Remember how I barely updated at all this summer? Yeah, I was here.

Performance Art in the Subway: Video

The video is here for you to get a better understanding of the whole thing that went down last week. For more information and a view of other performances go to my post here.

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