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coffee culture

Bici Coffee: Java on Wheels

It was about a decade ago when the coffee craze hit Seoul.  Although the caffeinated beverage had been introduced a century earlier, it was often considered a luxury product and was not consumed by common folk until the sixties.  The industry further transformed, however, in 1999 when Starbucks entered the Korean market.  It didn't take long for profiteers to follow suit and before anyone could say "Double Ristretto Venti Non-fat Organic Mocha Frappuccino" the Korean capital had become overrun with a number of domestic and international coffee chains.

R-16 World B-Boy Masters Championships: Pop, Lock, and Drop It

One of the cool things about Korea is that there is a number of subcultures flourishing, but many of them are so far underground that visitors (and even some locals) might never even suspect their existence. B-boy culture is one of these and while I knew it was present here, my exposure to it had been minimal. In areas like Hongdae and Hyehwa, it is fairly common to see young guys sporting the hip-hop look, but until this weekend, I had had no idea how big of a player Korea was in the b-boy world.

Gangwon-do in Autumn

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