Every time I start to get comfortable with Korea, something...

Every time I start to get comfortable with Korea, something throws me a curve ball, and I’m quickly out of my comfort zone. Example: Miss H Multi Function Lounge (aka glorified bar). This place has a clown that walks around and makes animal balloons for drunk people. If it’s feeling dirty, it’ll blow up a penis balloon animal for you!

Honestly, this place kind of gave me the creeps, but… I’ll probably go back. The music wasn’t bad, but sadly, the DJs became less cute as the night went on.

Address:  서초구 서초동 1307번지 지하 1층 Seoul, Korea 137-856

Hours:  Mon - Thu: 19:00 - 03:00, Fri - Sat: 19:00 - 05:00

not fair...

I remember being a kid and asking my mom on Mother's day, why there was no childrens day? It doesn't seem fair that Mothers and Father's get a day all for themselves, especially since, it seemed to me at that age, that they got whatever they wanted all the time! Her answer was always the same, "everyday is Children's Day." I however, disagreed.

Now looking back, I see that it was pretty sweet being a kid, no responsibilities, you can run around and play all the time - but wait, I teach 5 year old kids and their life isn't all peaches; they have so much pressure on them to learn many important things, everyone tells them what to do (including me!) and they are always getting into trouble, they can never just be kids and do what they want to do. Being a kid sucks sometime since children grow up so fast these days and start studying and working very hard, very young.

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