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Some certain media outlets would have you believe that as a teacher I am pushing my own agenda onto my students.  And they're right.

It is my mission this year to push my personal agenda of great books!

Thankfully my school is the perfect place for this.  We are stocked with a GIANT library of English story books.  We are so lucky to have such a have a huge selection.  There is everything from Curious George and Dr. Seuss classics to "How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" which is a book I bought for my cousin's son this past Christmas.

I teach a weekly current events Kindergarten class called "Current Issue," which has turned into "Jenna-teacher-gets-to-pick-her-favorite-books-to-read-at-story-time", and so far the response from the kiddos has been great.

The Frogs

Amazingly, not everyone on Earth is reading Curious George or Eric Carle to their kids—Koreans have their own set of classic children’s books, about which I naturally know nothing at all. But yesterday after two hours of tutoring my wife, A., came back home with a couple of hard slim volumes for our son, who alternately loves and despises works of fiction, much like his father—he devours them and slaps them as hard as he can, while I devour them and also devour myself, convinced I can never hope to reach such levels of mastery.

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