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To Canada and Back Again: A Photographer’s Story pt 4

One of the most beautiful campuses in Canada.

One of the most beautiful campuses in Canada.

To Canada and Back Again: A Photographer’s Story pt 3


I woke up with determination to complete my plan for the weekend. Too often I give up on my photo-goals for the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee or some more sleep. However, knowing that it will be a long time before I will be out this way again, I sucked it up, got up at an ungodly hour and hit the road. With coffee in hand, I turned up the FM radio and drove until my bladder was about to burst.

To Canada and Back Again: A Photographer’s Story Pt. 1



People often ask me why I have so few pictures from my hometown of Brandon or even Canada for that matter. While I have a few photos from years past, I never really got in the mood to shooting when I have been home recently. I could never figure out why. It wasn’t until I went back to Canada for the month of July that I realized that photography and your current mood are intertwined.

You’ve Got Seoul- Korean War Vet’s Spirit Buoyed by Pen Pal: Metro News

Remembrance Day is held in Canada every November 11th to pay homage to the sacrifices made by war veterans. Often forgotten is the Korean War, which claimed the lives of hundreds of Canadian soldiers. Overshadowed by both World Wars and the Vietnam War, Canada’s and Canadian’s role in the Korean War is often misunderstood and under-appreciated at Remembrance ceremonies. This article, published by Metro News Canada, tells the story of one Korean War veteran who’s personal path to peace involved a pen pal relationship with a Korean woman. The article gives a glimpse into the lives of Canadian Korean War veterans, and is a reminder that the effects of the Korean War are still felt by Canadians and Koreans alike. To read the article, please download here.

Death to Fake Canadians


Okay. Anyone who knows me, has listened to me rant, or has read my screeds over the years knows my fiery opinions on this particular matter. I apologize ahead of time for repeating myself or cannibalizing old lines, but I’m not above ripping myself off, especially in light of dopey articles such as this:



Okay. Anyone who knows me, has listened to me rant, or has read my screeds over the years knows my fiery opinions on this particular matter. I apologize ahead of time for repeating myself or cannibalizing old lines, but I’m not above ripping myself off, especially in light of dopey articles such as this:

A rant about rants

While in Korea, I listened to a lot of CBC radio and TVO audio news.  Here in Canada, I have been too lazy to search for the local CBC station.  The strongest, clearest station that I don’t mind is 95.7FM from Barrie.  On it is segment called “the Cheap Seats” in which a man rants about various a new thing every day.

This sounds like a  tough gig.  Each day, he has to be angry or upset about something.  Actually, now and then, he goes out of his way to applaud someone’s actions and I admire that although that too would become boring after a few repetitions.

Gosh, I feel like a bad man for admitting that.  I want to hear good things about people every day but I expect I would have to work at it to keep listening after the first week.

Our first week in Canada

Here is a brief look at our first week in Penetang, Ontario.  I am on my mother’s computer and don’t want to take too much time on it so a lot of this post will be terse to the point of being cryptic.  I am writing this post more for my memory than for international scrutiny.

Just before coming to Canada, I had one last hike on a small, local mountain and finished the hike in my T-shirt. The day before leaving, The Little Guy (TLG) and I rode our bikes to Eulsookdo.
last mountain


Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, I’m just your average 24-year old Canadian teaching English in Korea, finding my way through food, fitness and a foreign culture. Trying to figure out what I’m meant to do, what I have to share and how I want to live a life of fulfillment. Originally,  I dreamed that photography would be my goal, and so I pursued art school, and graduated with a BFA, Major in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design in Vancouver, BC. Upon completion of my school in 2010, I set out with hope and passion, excited to begin my new career as an aspiring photographer.

Hello From Oil Country

For the last month I have been employed as a driver in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada. It has been a fascinating little adventure so far. I am required to wake up at 4 AM every day and the temperature has dropped below -25 degrees celcius several times. Some people who know me well think that’s hysterical. Laugh it up, guys. Funny stuff.

I had a very unusual experience the other night. I like my long walks. It was a decent enough night out so after dinner I decided to go for a walk down the road. About a half a click down the road a security vehicle showed up. Two very large, friendly security personnel asked me what I was up to. I said I was just out for a little walk. They explained that people were not allowed leaving the camp. They weren’t asking me.

Goat And Deer Share Lunch


Cloud Reflections | Pemberton, British Columbia

Pemberton Cloud Reflections


Video of a goat and deer sharing lunch


::::featured artist:::sarah elminshawi::::

a. favorite art material- Acrylics, India ink/Calligraphy ink, and really good quality watercolor paper.

Short Travel Video Montage

Iput together a few short clips of some of my travels so far. I’ll add to it as I record more stuff.



Branksome Hall Asia

Branksome Hall, the pre-eminent girls independent school in North America, and a leading IB World School, has been invited by the South Korean government to establish a full partner school on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jeju Island. Branksome Hall Asia is Branksome Hall in Asia. One school, two campuses. Branksome Hall Asia will open its doors to 1200 students from around the world on 15 October 2012. The school will be co-educational from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 and girls only from Grades 4 - 12. Branksome Hall Asia will attract the world’s best IB educators from North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and around the globe. For additional information, please visit Or go to our website

Int'l School Admissions Information Session

Saturday, May 26, 2012 - 10:30
Branksome Hall Asia is the first overseas campus of the premier all-girls independent IB school Branksome Hall based in Toronto, Canada. The school will be holding an information session for prospective students and parents for the 2012-2013 school year starting later this fall. Join us on May 26 (Saturday) 10:30 am at the Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel (Rose Hall in floor B1). Please RSVP by calling 02-8402/8408 or emailing

East, Meet West! Comparing Korea and Canada

This article was inspired by fellow World Korea Blogger Angeliki Katsika's wonderful article comparing Korea and Greece. Reading her work, I felt compelled to write my own version, making some comparisons between my home country, Canada, and my "home away from home", Korea. So here we go: East, meet West. Korea, meet Canada.

Athletic fundraisers in Muskoka that I am missing.

I have participated in several ‘marathons’ – in Korea, that is any distance beyond five kilometres – and have found my training improves as I prepare for them.  A few years back, I carefully, but relentlessly piled on the kms in preparation for a Terry Fox run in Seoul only to find it cancelled*.  The week before I learned of the cancellation, I ran more about thirty km.  The week after, about five km.

There were two events in Muskoka that I wish I could have been home for.  The Terry Fox run was ten days ago and a ‘Ride For Refuge‘ occurred last weekend.  I agree with the motivations for these events, but would probably have joined either one for the athletics alone.  The “Ride for Refuge” helps various charities that bring aid to impoverished regions in Africa.

If you haven’t notice I am a big fan and practitioner of...

If you haven’t notice I am a big fan and practitioner of Muay Thai. However, it was only recently that I started learning the sport. My brother was the one who got me started. He was learning Wing Chun for a couple of months, but decided to switch it up. After a week or two he finally decided to give Muay Thai a shot.

Letter from Korea, May 2011

Suwon, South Korea

 Dear Ireland,

The summer is upon us. Of course we all have different ideas of what the summer is. For me, it’s the holidays. This June, I will be working through my summer holidays but don’t worry; I have two months of holidays so working through them isn’t as big a catastrophe as it might sound. This summer I will be in Dublin (What of the letter from Korea?  Well perhaps I’ll compromise). Every summer Dublin fills with Europeans students who come to study English. This summer will be no different. I make a living out of this.

A Letter to Canada

Hello, and congratulations!
I hear you're having another election.  I'm so excited.  Will it
be a girl or a boy this time?  A conservative or a really conservative?
Oh, Canada, you're so fertile, turning out representative democracy
at a scale that makes us, your neighbors to the south, blush with envy.  ^^
I do have to say, I don't know WHAT to get you, though.  I mean,
you just had an election and I got you that nice sweater set, and now a no-confidence vote?  Anything to get that hot voter-on-poll action you're so fond of, right?&n

enjoying the winter

The past week could be appropriately described as warmly stimulating in scientific aspects while mind-numbingly cold outside. I think the two have balanced each other out for a fairly consistent overall experience.

Life in Canada

"As cold as cold can be, during the coldest of times, in a land of coldness." 
- description of Ottawa in January, Lee Farrand.

My mother may see the start of the next millennium!

Scientific American has an article online with the title Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy of Older Adults. I seem to be unable to post a link – here it is to be copied and pasted:

From the Article:

A new analysis of walking speed studies shows that—down to the tenth of a meter per second—an older person’s pace, along with their age and gender, can predict their life expectancy just as well as the complex battery of other health indicators.

Quebec v Korea: encouraging parents to have (more) children

It is well known in the K-blogosphere that Korea has a low birthrate and that could spell trouble for seniors in a few years if there aren’t enough productive Koreans paying taxes.

to increase the birthrate, Korea has, among other things, outlawed abortions.  I guess this will work but Quebec seems to have some more positive ideas.

Quebec is offering cheap day care, paternity leave and financial assistance for in-vitro fertilization.  Whether the province can afford these benefits remains to be seen. CBC link, MP3s can be downloaded: part 1, part 2.

Je veux tout - Montréal

Choo Choo ... on and on we went ... Choo Choo

.. until we reached ...

Red City - Toronto

We left the county a day or two late, but relaxed and prepared.  It was time to trade big blue skies for tall skyscrapers and wonderful lady friends,  but we didn't run away so fast that we missed my favourite farm on the way out ...

The Kimchi is Coming!

Look who came to visit!
Time to get your tourist on ...

... and now for something very delicious...

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