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LASEK eye surgery in Busan, Korea at Sojunghannun (소중한눈)

I had LASEK eye surgery in Busan, Korea at Sojunghannun (소중한눈). I’m not completely healed yet, but I’ll continue to update this page in the future, and you can always ask me a question (best if you leave your contact info).

I have considering having LASIK eye surgery for over ten years. Because of heavy reading throughout university, my eyesight changed greatly, so my optometrist recommended waiting until it stabilized. Also, it’s considerably cheaper in South Korea than the US (where it’s $2300 per eye, on average).



Wild Ride

The Morning Shift

The Morning Shift

An early morning delivery driver trundles along the deserted streets around Jagalchi, Busan.

Veins of the City

Veins of the City

It isn't known as "Dynamic Busan" without good reason. From my Trump World helipad vantage point, the veins of the city are plain to see.

Christmas Karate

Christmas Karate

Christmas decorations are now filling the gwangbok road in busan for the annual Christmas Festival. Located at the center is a big christmas tree where a stage is also set for christmas presentations and events. That night, members of k-tigers karate club demonstrated their moves and dance to the sound of kpop and christmas music. As there was a big crowd, i squeezed my way until i got a good view of the stage. I took several shots and my submitted picture is one of my favorites of the night.

November 20 - 23, 2014, G-Star Global Game Exhibition My friends...

Have Yourself a Korean Little Christmas

IMG_1782Merry Christmas from Korea! Besides a few twinkling roundabout decorations and lights hanging from windows of major shopping malls, Ulsan unfortunately doesn’t offer much in the way of holiday spirit. However, Busan is a whole different story!

Beomosa Temple Stay


When I got asked to shoot Beomosa Temple for an upcoming article in Seoul Magazine, I was really excited. Mostly because I love Beomosa and the other reason was that I really wanted to see what goes on at a temple stay which was the focus of the article. Temple stay programs are a unique way to experience temple life. However, most of the people that I asked about these programs either hated them or did them as a one off thing.


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