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The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

>Conservative talk show hosts hit an all-new low this week when making an issue of Barack Obama ordering a cheeseburger with Dijon mustard and no Ketchup.Right Wing nut-case radio host, Laura Ingraham, went so far as to question Obama's manhood while criticizing him for ordering bottled water with his meal.Here is,Here is Fox talk show host moron, Sean Hannity's take on the measure of a man

And the difference between these folks and the Taliban is?

Heritage Christian, a fundamentalist Baptist high school in Ohio that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding, kissing and probably those dirty little thoughts you are thinking right now, has said that they will suspended a student and prevent him from graduating if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom.Principal, Tim London, said in an interview with Fox, "At the prom there

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

>Nude Germans: the scourge of Europe? Voters from a small town in the Swiss Alps apparently think so. This week they voted to ban nude hiking after several reported incidents of German tourists rambling off-trail in the buff. If you want to test the local folk's resolve and go for a nude hike anyway, you better carry something for your money --the fine is $176>Snoop Dogg was in court this week

Jesus on a License Plate: Rude or Stupid?

Only in one of the most religiously partisan countries in the world would a government conceive of a hair-brained idea such as offering license plates with a guy nailed to a wooden cross. The country is, of course, America. And the guy --Jesus. Perhaps you have heard of him.Never mind the obvious issues of the separation of Church and State, they have already been parsed through enough --I am

The Week We View - Mar. 29

>The President of the European Union, Mirek Topolanek, had kind words for Barack Obama leading up to his first visit to Europe as president. Speaking about the administration's map to economic recovery, Topolanek said that American remedies for the global recession are “the road to hell.” So much for diplomatic nuance.>Saturday 8:30 local time, wherever you are, is "Earth Hour" --when everyone in

Perhaps the Pope's father should have worn a condom

The Catholic Church has been against condoms since they were invented in the 16th century --their opposition in this century is nothing new. But, when His Holiness the Pope tells Africans that condom use increases the spread of AIDS, one wonders would we all be better off if Benedict's father had slipped one on 82 years ago.In his own words: "Aids cannot be overcome by the distribution of

And no religion too...

Great section in the USA Today today (that was awkward) devoted to the decline in religion across America --with the greatest drop taking place in the infidel Northeastern U.S.The South --as to be expected-- experienced little change in their views on the big daddy upstairs. This can't make Him proud, since The South continues to have the highest crime rates, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, lowest

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