There are times when I wish I could get a new computer, but I worry what I’d do with all that lost time. Now, I sit and I wait. I tap at my phone, which sometimes feels just as slow. There is a whine and and grind, and a flicker inside behind all the plastic tells me that something is eventually going to happen.

Stop inMotion

Here’s a crappy little stop motion video I made around 3 years ago. Outrageously bored one night I tried my had to origami and stop motion.




(P.s. I crafted the music as well… and no I will not tell you what I was whispering about)

Bored in Busan? Some opportunities and events you may not know about...


**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or involved in the running of any of the groups mentioned, I am merely a member of one or two and would like to try and get the word out. Please direct any queries about the events to the Facebook pages listed below.**

For one reason or another foreigners in Korea don’t always seem to get the best press, which is a shame because by and large we’re a pretty awesome bunch.

“Like, what should we do this weekend?”

As an English teacher in South Korea, when Thursday rolls around each week I usually itch for my upcoming weekend plans. I have learned to take full advantage of my weekend time in Korea and I hope to continue with this new approach to my free time when I return home. I love the tired yet accomplished feeling of a Sunday night following a jam-packed weekend of experiencing new things and people in Korea. When I find myself without plans midweek, I use the following 5 resources to find inspiration for weekend outings. I hope you find them helpful and please feel free to comment with alternative ideas. I promise, armed with these resources you won’t find yourself uttering the annoying answer to a friend looking to have a memorable weekend, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

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