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The Asian American Writers’ Workshop Presents the 2011 PAGE TURNER Festival

Designer Ji Lee Releases New Book, ‘Word As Image’

Religion for Atheists

The Herald hosts an interview with Alain de Botton, who has recently authored a book, Religion for Atheists. With the understanding that my views are based solely on this interview and that I have not seen the book, I am at a loss for who he thinks his book is for.

Some excerpts:

“(My family thought) if you are intelligent, you believe in science. … And with respect to my parents, I nevertheless moved away from that position. And even though I am still an atheist, I am now much more sympathetic to many of the lessons and traditions of religion.”

The newly released Korean edition, published five months ahead of the English edition, is de Botton’s philosophical account on how “people who don’t believe in supernaturals” can also benefit and learn from religious teachings and practices.

Chang-rae Lee is awarded the 2011 Dayton Literary Peace Prize


I've been very lazy lately, I had meant to blog more often, since we are traveling so slowly and I have the time. Yet I find myself always finding something else to do! From laying on the beach, to walking through a street market and stopping at several vendors for some snacks (fried bananas, YUM!), or learning about the history of the country I am falling in love with. Talking with everyone, tuk tuk drivers and children, makes you think about what's fair in the world and sometimes question God, and that takes a lot of time! After riding go karts or spending our day at a museum that was once a school then turned into a Khmer Rouge prison and torture house for four years, we can finish off our night with dinner, where we share our meal with a 6 year old boy with holes in his clothes, who eats every grain of rice, even the vegetables he obviously didn't like.

Airan Kang’s LED Book Gallery

KAs@Work: Molly Gaudry of The Lit Pub

Fully Booked - Busan's Used Book Store/Cafe/Bar

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Fully Booked - Busan's Expat Used Book Cafe is open!

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We decided to start the book cafe on a whim and entirely in-line with our own philosophy. We have 3 loves (maybe more): books, coffee, and beer - not necessarily in that order. And supposedly, combining them might lead to some nebulous region that defies our current understanding of the space-time continuum. The great flying spaghetti monster came to us in a dream and told us that such a spot would prevent future pirate attacks on Busan. You’re welcome.

Samuel Park visits California to introduce new novel, ‘This Burns My Heart’

Author Samuel Park visited the Redondo Beach Main Library this past Tuesday to talk about his new novel, This Burns My Heart. The turnout wasn’t too high, but the cozy atmosphere was better for those who did attend, as everyone had a chance to talk to the author on an individual basis.

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