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Books About Korea

Win Copies of K-POP Now by Tuttle Publishing

Based on the awesome response of our previous giveaway contest we are encouraged to come up with a new giveaway contest for the book K-POP Now by Mark James Russell. This book is published by Tuttle Publishing and this time they will be giving away not 3, but 5 copies of K-POP Now to anyone who will answer 3 simple questions about K-POP.

Tell us in the comment section below your answer for the following 3 questions.

Learning Korean – Book – An Illustrated Guide to Korean


For those of you who have been learning Korean by religiously following Chad Meyer’s and Moonjung Kim’s illustrations here is your opportunity to own some of these illustration and read it at your convenience or gift it to someone who is learning Korean.

Contest Winners – Elementary korean

Thank you all for participating. We had a good response and everyone seemed to have their heart poured out in their participation to the contest. All of them participated very well. And it was a very difficult task to select the winners so we ended up randomly selecting three names…

Win Copies of Elementary Korean by Tuttle Publishing

Here is your chance to win copies of Elementary Korean by Ross King and Jaehoon Yeon. The books is published by Tuttle Publishing and they will be giving away 3 copies of Elementary Korean to anyone who will answer these 3 simple questions about Learning Korean.

Tell us in the comment section below your answer for the following 3 questions.

Kimchi Warriors – The Book

If you have not heard of Kimchi Warrior yet, then think of it as the Korean Version of Popeye. Well not exactly, but Kimchi Warrior has done to kimchi what Popeye has done to spinach. Based on the premise of Popeye, Kimchi Warrior obtains supernatural strength by consuming the most prominent Korean dish, kimchi, to defend mankind from the world’s most notorious diseases like The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc.

Young Man Kang, is the man behind the web animation series, Kimchi Warrior and he has received many an awards in the lifetime of his career. Kimchi Warrior too has received international recognition and is currently live on YouTube with 15 episodes of 5-6 minutes duration each.

Advertising Genius from Korea – Jeseok Yi (Jeski)

If you have seen the first episode of  the Korean Drama, Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek, you would recognize the ad below of the standing car. The ad was originally created by the real life Advertising Genius from Korea, Jeseok Yi, for Hyundai Motors and it is said that this drama, Advertising Genius – Lee Tae Baek  is loosely based on his life.

Ugly Koreans Ugly Americans – Book Review

Rick has shared his review on the book - Ugly Koreans Ugly Americans. It is a very simple and illustrated book that demonstrates cultural and behavioral differences between Koreans and Americans. You would find this book helpful if you want to know about common Korean behaviors that Americans find peculiar or upsetting and it would kinda guide you if you are preparing for a move to Korea.

Ugly Korean Ugly American

Interview – Kyung-Sook Shin – Please Look After Mom

Please Look After Mom is a book about sixty-nine-year-old So-nyo who gets separated from her husband among the crowds of the Seoul subway station, and her family who then begin a desperate search to find her.

The Seoul Metro Project


What do you get when you mix 17 photographers, copious amounts of coffee and over 400 subway stations?

The Seoul Metro Project!

Books for Kids – Korean Folk Tales & Grandmother Stories


In this series, we present you 7 books which are popular among kids in Korea. These books cover Korean Folk Tales, Stories, Proverbs, Songs, Easy Recipes and many more to get your kid acquainted with the Korean Culture.

Bee-Bim Bop!
by Linda Sue Park, Ho Baek Lee

A wonderful paperback picture book about the joys of family and food, from Newbery Award winning author Linda Sue Park.

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