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How to use Evernote for Photography


I used to be a pen and paper kind of photographer. That means that a lot of my thoughts, ideas, location picks, designs and whatnot were scattered across countless notebooks. I used to have one dedicated “photo notebook” but it was just never where I wanted it. When I needed to write something down, I reached for the first notebook that I saw and scribbled something down. The problem was that when I needed to see what I wrote, especially out in the field I a) didn’t/never had the same notebook or b) didn’t bring one at all.


Busan Fireworks Festival 2013


For years now I have drooled over the shots of the Gwangan Bridge ablaze with fireworks. I tried to get in position but the crowds and the traffic threw me off. My wife and I got close last year but gave up in the end when the police started moving everyone back. Thus, all we got to see were the backs of peoples heads.

Making a Website with Rapidweaver 5

One of the biggest challenges in photography is not so much photography but the marketing and tech side of things. Recently, I have taken to updating my website because these days I do so much work on my blog that I almost completely forgot that I ALSO have a website.

Jason Teale2005

my first webpage designed in Microsoft frontpage circa 2005

Korean Students Speak... and the Social Media World Listens

While North Korea grabs attention from the the world with  threats and missiles, South Korea has once again struck the social media bullseye with a photo blog of  Korean high school students holding up handwritten signs.  From their about page, the Tumblr blog 

"is a project started by a group of current Fulbright English Teaching Assistants working in South Korea. Although the main goal of the project is to promote freedom of expression and creativity, these pictures also provide insight into the daily lives and thoughts of the Korean youth. Since the project began in the fall of 2011, over a thousand students from all over the peninsula (and Jeju Island) have courageously put pen to paper"

Photography eBook Reviews

Photography eBook Reviews - Quality reviews of your favorite Photography eBooks


What Makes a Photographer?


The statement goes “You are Not a Photographer. You just have an overpriced camera” That was the graphic that peeked my interest in the short lived discussion that I was eavesdropping on. The OP or original poster put most of the people that he saw with DSLR cameras into this category. A little irked by this blanket statement that could very well apply to me, I turned to the world’s largest photography forum… Google+

Mark Cohen Street Photographer in Ulsan



Every Month or so the Ulsan Mirae (Future) Photography Forum brings in a new speaker to talk to it’s members about a range of different topics. If you remember a while ago, I was their first speaker and it was an interesting time. This time around it seemed more of a formal event. People seemed more engaged with the speaker and certainly asked a lot more questions.

I Got it!!!


So about a month or so ago, I started a project to see if I could get the espresso machine of my dreams using only the income earned from my photography. When I started I thought that it would be an easy thing. Little did I know that social or crowd funding was such a tricky business.

It was a long few weeks of campaigning and posting. Strangely enough, there was a mixed response largely due to how I put across my intentions. Most took this project as a “Something for nothing” type of deal rather than what I was thinking it was, and that was a “help me out in exchange for photos of Korea” deal.

Flash Light Photography Workshop: Recap


Participants test some of the new skills they learned during Saturday’s Workshop in Busan.

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