Black Belt

In Black

If you would’ve told 18 year old me that I would one day be a martial arts black belt, I would’ve exhaled the smoke from my hippie chic clove cigarette and laughed in your face.

At 27, I would have told you sadly that they don’t give black belts to fat girls.

By 30, I might have been interested but still a little incredulous. By that time, I had shed fifty pounds and was starting to learn that almost anything is possible.

Last week, at 33 and some change, I did something I never actually thought I would do, even when I started taking classes two years ago.  I  became a certified, card-carrying (for real, there’s a card, like a license to kill or something) 1st degree black belt in hapkido, an accomplishment I share with at least a third of Korean ten year olds.  But, still, it’s a big deal to me.

Taekwondo Black Belt Competition!

Taekwondo Certificate

In November David and I participated in our Taekwondo competition. David was competing for his first black belt (il dan) and I was competing for my second black belt (ee dan).

The competition involved performing two different poomse routines and a fighting match with another competitor.

We were both extremely nervous, there was a lot of waiting around which didn’t help our nerves. The entire competition lasted around five hours, although our examination lasted around thirty minutes.

To add to our anxiety we did not find out if we passed on the day, we had to wait three weeks for the results.

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