Busan Int’l Film Festival Chair Resigns, Industry Pros Send Support

The Busan International Film Festival recently made headlines with news of its chairman’s resignation & a show of support from industry professionals across the world. Korea FM spoke with veteran film festival member & writer Darcy Paquet to learn more about Busan Mayor Suh Byung-soo’s decision to step down from the BIFF organizing committee & also with French film producer Isabelle Glachant who gathered with others at the Berlinale Film Festival to send messages of support to Busan.

Feb 19 Korean News Update Podcast

Busan’s mayor stepping down as chairman of the Busan International Film Festival, new US sanctions to curb North Korea’s nuclear & missile programs, & Chinese tourists disregarding Seoul’s no smoking zones.

Busan International Film Festival, October 2-11, 2014 When you...

Busan International Film Festival, October 2-11, 2014

An Insider’s Guide to BIFF

An Insider’s Guide to BIFF    
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By Matthew Sidgreaves 

(with contributions from Sarah Hansen and Michele Bourner)

Busan Foreign School students interviewing people at BIFF 2013

Students at Busan Foreign School go out to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) each year. They interviewed fans, film makers, and other journalists. They are high school students taking a media & journalism course. This is the first time they have ever tried anything like this. They did an awesome job!


BIFF Newsletter - Official Trailer and Audience Services


The Black Sheep of Korean Cinema Only Alienates Himself Further with Increasingly Slipshod Work

AMEN (Kim Ki-Duk, Korea) – 5/100

In Busan, the Sixteenth Time’s the Charm

With the Busan cinematheque closed until November, and the dearth of quality movies in both mainstream theaters and at the Gukdo Art Cinema, it’s been a rough start to what’s typically referred to as the Oscar Season. But the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is just around the corner, and like always, it will inject a temporary dose of world-class cinema to an otherwise provincial town.

This year promises to be a major milestone in the history of the festival. The official unveiling of the Busan Cinema Center, an ultra-modern cultural complex in the heart of Centum City, will undoubtedly create quite a hoo-ha, prompting local officials to make speeches and pat each other on the back, but to me, this means just one thing. Unlike previous years, BIFF will finally be held in one concentrated area of the city, a welcome change for cinephiles like myself who no longer have to ride the subway back and forth from Nampodong to Haeundae in between screenings, running up and down escalators to make it to the next movie in-time.  Whereas most other film festivals had this figured out from day one, in Busan, the sixteenth time’s the charm.

Advance tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies can be bought online starting Monday September 26 at 17:00, while tickets for general screenings go on sale Wednesday September 28 at 9:00. Only how remains a mystery: the guidelines on the website boil down to “visit and register Daum website.” My advice is to ask a Korean friend for help if you intend to buy tickets in advance, which I recommend for anyone who wants a guaranteed seat at a screening.

2011 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF 2011)

Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 15:00
: October 6th (Thu) – 14th(Fri), 2011 (9 days)
Screening Films: around 300 from 70 countries


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