Bicycle Adventures

Sensing a Sense of Place

Today is two weeks and two days since I moved to Gimhae.

“Gimha Fo You,” their rejected slogan.

Located northwest of Busan, connected by a lightrail that serves as the defacto fifth line in the Busan subway system, I thought I was just moving to another part of the city I have called home for over a year. Slipping into Gimhae-si would be like slipping into an old pair of shoes. No problem, I thought as I left the United States, New Jersey, after only 12 days…

Zen on a Bike, at a Temple, in a Stream and in a Bowl of Bibimbap

Some cynical person named “They” once said there is no such as a free lunch. Which, in the case of Tongdosa is true–unless you live in Yangsan.


Located roughly two hours from the Yangsan subway station (by bike, the mode we took on Sunday) …

Jangnim: Humanizing My Dong

This section of Busan gets a bit of slag. I remember looking at a comment thread on Koreabridge one time before I came back where one poster noted that if you breathe the air in Saha-gu (this town within a city where Jangnim is located), you instantly get AIDS. I have on more than one occasion referred to it negatively when someone asked where I lived, replied with, “huh?” and I had to tell them, “it’s next to Dadaepo,” to which the person would almost always say, “oh, wow, that’s so far.”

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