barrack obama

Bushbama and the continuing message of nope

Change we can believe in?

Another broken promise: Obama's sin tax on the poor

As I said repeatedly during the campaign --even after endorsing him over McCain-- Barack Obama's message of "Hope" would eventually become the message of "Nope."Now, after promising no new taxes for people making under $20,000, we have the first day of a $1.01 new tax on cigarettes which adversely affects poor people in that very same income bracket he held up as sacred.Don't get me wrong, I love

Cheney assassinates Obama after only 56 days in office

Seldom does life offer such dark comedy the likes of our former Top Dick defending the Bush record while taking pot shots at the sitting president on national television. A president who is left to manage the mess Cheney helped make.It was like watching an arsonist yell obscenities at firemen outside a building he just set ablaze.In an interview with CNN's John "No, really I am a journalist"

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